Wednesday, August 10, 2016

White Coat Ceremony

^^ My HEART ^^

Watching Braedon receive his white coat was definitely a highlight for me.  He has worked SO hard to get here!  We are honestly just feeling lucky that he got in his first year, because it's definitely not easy.  It seems like there is no rhyme or reason to the medical school acceptance process.  

Tally didn't get a full nap before the ceremony and I was worried that it was going to be a disaster and that I would be spending the ceremony in the hall entertaining him.  I REALLY didn't want to miss it.  So I said a little prayer.  The first hour he was pretty bad haha.  But he was just SO tired.  However, after walking back and forth at the top of the auditorium and then sitting down with a movie quietly playing on my phone I looked down and he had finally given in and fell asleep in my lap...  which is so RARE for him!  He is very much a routine kid and does much better in his own crib, with a bottle before naps and bed time.  He slept for probably an hour and a half in my arms which allowed me to actually enjoy the ceremony.  I felt pretty emotional that day thinking about this new chapter we are beginning.  Braedon will be full time focused on school and I am full time focused on doing the mom thing!  We will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary next week and it's crazy to think we have just four years of med school.  Those four years of marriage went by so fast!  Of course then we'll have residency and who knows what else but I'm trying to take it all in small chunks haha!  

When Braedon walked across the stage, after reading where he is from and his undergrad degree they read two "fun facts" about him.  His two facts were 1. He loves finding new musicians on youtube and 2. He speaks Cambodia and enjoys Cambodian Karaoke haha!  I definitely cracked a smile at that because that is Braedon to a T.  I could tell he felt so relieved after receiving his white coat, but I knew that he was starting to feel a little stressed about starting school.  Braedon's dad Kelly gave him a priesthood blessing just before they left and it had us all in tears- every word calmed our fears and I could just feel the love that Kelly had for Braedon and especially the love that Heavenly Father has for him too.  He is truly such an incredible guy and I'm just lucky to have him by my side as we navigate life together!  Love ya babe, here's to starting medical school!w