Monday, July 27, 2015

Talmage // Five Months

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still size 3 diapers, and size 3-6 month clothing.  I'm guessing he's somewhere around 15 lbs now although he feels SO heavy to me!

Eyes:  Still super blue!  I think we've got a clone of Braedon on our hands and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Hair:  We're finally getting some more growth but mostly just on the top! haha.  It's mostly blonde but looks strawberry depending on the light and what he's wearing.  It looks so dark in all these pictures!  

Sleeping: More consistently does at least six hours at night-maybe starting solids has helped?  It's hard to know! Lately he's been up and at it at 6 am though!  He's pretty happy in the morning and I can usually just let him babble in his crib, or feed him and stick him in his swing so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep!  He still fights his naps and we have to trick him into them haha (unless we're out and a about and he's being rocked to sleep).  He refuses a binkie (trust me, I've tried several and even put "soothies" from the hospital and a dip of breast milk to see if that helps), but he's found his thumb and once he gets that in his mouth it's game over!  Kind of a bad habit but I guess it's better than nursing him to sleep every time! Baby steps  I guess ;).

Eating: Well if you saw my post on solids you know that we took the plunge!  It's actually been kind of fun and he gets better at it every day.  I'm excited to start trying new foods and make my own baby food.  He eats about every 3-4 hours during the day and takes a bottle of pumped milk while I'm at work.  Right now we usually do rice cereal in the morning and at night!  We haven't been too consistent at night because we are usually out and about when it'd be time to do it and it's just easier to nurse him than mix it up and make a mess.  We're getting there though!

-Babbles all the time and SQUEALS!
-Can hold his head up great, and is starting to sit up better.  We can do like five seconds usually haha.
-Likes to be sitting up or standing (with help)
-Is more interested in toys-particularly this stupid giraffe named Sophie (we actually love her but can't believe we gave in to the craze!)
-Follows objects, recognizes Mom and Dad and turns his head to find us
-Loves to chew on his hands and has started sucking his thumb
-Is totally ticklish like his parents!
-Gets this little bashful grin and bats his eyes- total flirt
-Has found his toes and loves to grab onto them
-Has started teething.  Apparently this can last for months....what???

-Baths (kicks his legs pretty furiously and loves to splash)
-Singing, Dad playing the guitar, etc.
-Standing up with help
-Being tickled, kissed, and played with (prefers it over toys)
-Sticking his hands in his mouth
-Tickling his face with a blanket or my hair
-Going on walks
-When his dad says, "buddabuddabaaa" haha
-When I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "YMCA" and do the actions with his hands haha (the things we do for our kids)
-His carseat.  When I buckle him up he kicks his legs and gets super excited!

-Going down for a nap

This phase has been SO much fun.  Talmage is even more interactive and is just such a little love.  I can tell he has the sweetest spirit and he brings SO much joy into our lives.  I don't remember how I filled my days without him!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

What We're Doing

Doing a little catch up, and writing up what we're up to as of late.....
^^ Am I a bad mom?? ^^
If you're friends with me on snapchat pictures like this are pretty regular.  I'm obsessed with that squishy face!!

This is my attempt at trying to lose the baby weight.  Taco salad has been on repeat.... I use ground turkey, and make my own ranch w/plain greek yogurt and a ranch packet!  Also, any of you girls out there also doing #thekaylamovement?  I seem to get to about week 6 and then fall off the wagon.....burpees are death.  Where is my motivation??

Tally and I have been taking trips to the library.  The walk in the stroller is nice and I like to think that I'm picking out books because he loves them but really I'm just sick of re-reading the books that we have and I need a variety haha.  I didn't exactly LOVE any of these.  Will someone please make a Harry Potter picture book for me??

I got this little gem of a journal from Target.  Braedon rolled his eyes and reminded me about all the other "cute" unwritten in journals that I have.  He told me I wouldn't write in it, which has been my motivation to make sure I keep it up! (HA!- we work well together I think).  Basically it's just a line a day, and I write things like, "Tally realized he has toes today and has started grabbing them at every chance he gets".  The journal is meant to be kept for FIVE years, and is set up so that the next year I will write something on the same page as the previous year.  Such a fun little comparison!  

This was taken on the 4th of July- Tally was as hot as hades so stripped down to the diaper was the answer!  A little ghetto but I'm telling ya this kid loves to be naked.  The laughs and smiles were worth it!! Also, can we talk about his cheeks for a minute??  His face is literally sagging they're so large.  

In other news.....Braedon is busy away working on secondary's for med school and I'm trying not to think about moving (my eyes start to sweat).  My job changed about 2 months ago and as a "transition nurse" I've started to attend deliveries and take care of the baby.  It's amazing to be able to be a part of something so spiritual, and truly incredible.  It's also quite a rush and can be nerve wracking- time is pretty crucial if anything needs to be done to help the baby breath after delivery etc.  I love the adrenaline rush but the responsibility is very real!  

Talmage still remains the center of our world.  He's starting to sit up really well, laugh, look for mom, and squeal and babble.  Sometimes Braedon and I have different opinions on how to parent, and that can be challenging, but we are learning so much from each other and I'm grateful for a husband who's so involved with our family.

Thanks for reading!

Talmage Starts Solids

Talmage had his first taste of "solids" this week!!  I was planning on waiting until six months but after talking with a friend I decided to just go for it.  Talmage isn't sleeping through the night and (I think) has started teething so he's been fussier than usual.  I figured I'd give solids a try and see if a little more food would perk him up!  Honestly it's been kind of fun (and messy).  I've just been mixing it with pumped milk.  He seemed pretty confused as first and mostly just liked biting down on the spoon and squishing the cereal between his little toesies! haha.  However these past few days he's been doing really great with it and doesn't cry so I figure that means he likes it??  Hasn't exactly changed a whole lot in the sleep department though.  I swear, all this mom stuff is so new to me and really I'm just pretending like I know what's going on but really I'm texting my friends and calling my mom and googling just about every little thing. 

Also, this adorable little stink REFUSES to take a binkie.  He's starting to figure out his thumb...which is cute and all and calms him down... but I feel like I'm just trading one bad habit for the next?!!  I've tried different binkies, and even put a little milk on the paci/ some soothies we have from the hospital and the stubborn boy STILL hates it.  Any tips out there??  He will NOT fall asleep unless he's sucking something (yes, boob or thumb haha).

I'm getting excited to try some different foods.... any suggestions on what to try first??  BABY FOOD RECIPES TO COME! (SORRY THAT I'M YELLING, I'VE JUST BEEN EXCITED ABOUT THIS SINCE I GOT PREGNANT).