Thursday, September 18, 2014

Canning Peaches // A Bumpdate

The past couple of days I've been canning peaches like a mad woman.  The first day (and the longest), I canned with my sister Sara.  The next day I canned w/Micah and since we had the system down and all of the bugs worked out it was a MUCH smoother process!!  Over the past two days I think we canned about 50 jars between the three of us!  When my mom walked in as I was cleaning up the kitchen she looked at me and said, "This is weird, three years ago you wouldn't bet doing anything near something like this".  She's right, but Braedon's stomach is sure glad I've changed my ways! My sweet mother in law let me use her pressure cooker and after calling my Grandma and my cousin a million times we figured out a system!  

Seriously, the best peaches I've ever eaten.  I just hope they taste this good in January!  

Also....we found out the gender of our baby!!!  What?? So exciting.  Braedon is a good husband.  I'm the world's most impatient wife. Actually- my sister is, but I take a close second.  We were planning on finding out from our OB at our 15 week appointment (this week), but I had seen that fetal photo would do it as early as 14 weeks.... I hit the 14 week mark and begged Braedon to let me go early.  

Braedon agreed to placate my impatience (also referred to my "excitedness") and we headed to fetal photo.  He told me we could do it on one condition, we would ask the ultrasound tech to write down the gender and we'd open it up together on date night.  I was secretly heart broken but felt like I was being a bit of a diva anyways so I agreed.  

The ultrasound tech started doing his thing and Braedon looked at me and said with a big smile, "We can just find out now!"  Cutest thing and I wanted to cry right then and there.  The tech looked at me and said in his Lithuanian accent, "Mom is right 80% of the time, it's a 50/50 chance, but she is right 80% of the time.  What are we gonna find mom?"

My answer: It's gonna be a boy.  

Honest moment: When I first got pregnant I felt like this baby was a boy, but I was really wanting a girl.  I was a little sad for about an hour after the ultrasound- mostly because we MIGHT have gone to FOUR baby stores in the mall after the ultrasound and I hated ALL of the boy clothes (stupid right??). 

However, it didn't take long for me to feel a total flip switch on and get my first "mamma bear" thoughts.  I already love this little boy SO much and I'm kind of (really) protective of him. I'm seriously so excited to have a little boyfriend and a clone of my favorite person-my hubs.  (Sorry for the cheese, but it's not over yet... see pictures below).

He finally looks like a baby!!!  His little legs are at the top just kicking away, and his perfect head is all cuddled right into me.  Baby boy had the hiccups during the ultrasound and I think my heart burst.  Who would've thought hiccups could be so cute??

My little man's profile.  I can't wait to kiss those cushy little lips!!!  

Last but not least, the "questions"...

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain: At my last appointment my OB actually said I had lost a couple pounds, not to worry though, I have quite the appetite and am prepared to start packing on the lbs!! 

Maternity clothes: Nope

Stretch marks: Nope.  I just look like I ate too much cake.  

Sleep: If I could nap everyday I would.  

Best moment of this week: Telling everyone the gender of our baby!!!  It was so fun to see our family's reaction.  We've now sealed the "Murdock" name and there's no more pressure to carry on the line.  

Miss anything: Still missing diet coke, and waiting for my appetite for Thai food to come back :(

Movement: Lots of movement according to the ultrasound, just can't feel it yet!  

Food cravings: Steak. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only if I go too long without snacking/eating a meal!  

Have you started to show yet: Other than a little food baby no, not really.  

Gender: BOY!!!! 

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: I'm starting to get more energy back and have been feeling more like myself, so I'd say HAPPY!!  

Looking forward to:  Feeling some movement and going on a baby-moon!  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Second Anniversary

Honestly, marriage just keeps getting sweeter as time goes on.  I'm a lucky wife.  Braedon spoiled me rotten for our anniversary.  

We started the morning out by going to breakfast, and then headed up Millcreek Canyon to do some exploring.  The weather was perfect!

We are cheese-balls.  

After our adventure up the canyon, we got all gussied up and went to Tuscany for dinner.  It was fun to reminisce on our reception and actually get a chance to EAT the food!  

Last minute we decided it'd be fun to do a little "stay-cation" and ended up booking a hotel room.  We stayed at the Hiatt right by Tuscany....we had to laugh because it's literally 5 minutes from our apartment.  We swam, watched one of those weird TLC specials (our favorite), and filled out our "predictions" book for next year.  We have a tradition every anniversary and each Christmas Eve to fill out predictions for the coming year.  Then we wait until the next year to look back on what we predicted and see if any of it comes true.  Surprisingly we were pretty accurate this year!  Braedon predicted short hair, and also that I'd crash my car.  EH HEM, I did NOT crash my car thank you very much!  (He predicts this every year by the way).  

I really love this guy.  We were both a little sad that this will be our LAST anniversary with just us two!  WHAT???  We decided our anniversary tradition is gonna have to stay the same- no gifts, just a nice dinner and a stay-cation.  Next year will definitely be different but I have a feeling it'll be a million times better!!  

Swiss Days

Last weekend my mom told me she wanted to go to Swiss days.  We were already at the pool with my sister Sara so we decided to just make a day of it.  We all piled in the car and headed up to Midway. 

Really I just went for the scones... -_-

"It's as BIG as YA HEAD!"

I scored some awesome baby blankets, and my mom purchased some very non-gender neutral blankets as well- she's hoping for a baby girl!  

K, also, this sign is so cute.  Someone make it for me?  My  handwriting is NOT that cute!  

I'm so lucky to have such a fun family. 



Our trip to Cali with the Aiken family was a dream!  Some of the highlights:

-"beach HOUSE"

-Car dancing/ video making

-Squishing between Matt and Braedon for 10 hours in the car

-DISNEYLAND (need I say more).  Pineapple ice cream AKA heaven.  

-Runs on the beach w/my mom and my sissy's

-Wave-running on the ocean

-Ruby's Diner, a tradition and a must

^^ Just getting ready for family pictures ya know ^^

Apparently when Lexi drove up to the beach house she said to her mom, "I wonder what it'll feel like to have Braedon throw me up in the air".  I think she has a little crush ;), it's ok Lex, I have a crush too!

^^ caden loves braed ^^

^^ Can we all take a moment to appreciate Lexi's pose... bottom left! haha! ^^

So when's the next one guys?  I'm having withdrawals :(

Spreading The News

Talking about this whole pregnancy thing is still pretty unnatural for me- it really doesn't even feel real yet.  However, I figure I'll wanna be able to look back on these memories someday so I'd better write it down while it's all fresh! 

I was at my mom's house when I found out and I wanted to run upstairs and tell her SO bad- but don't worry- logic got the better of me and I figured the father of the baby should hear the news first!  I always wanted to plan something "cute" to tell Braedon but once I found out I was too impatient (and excited) to wait a second longer. 

At first I figured I'd just run to Chik-Fil-A to grab him lunch and write something lame like "you have a little chickie coming in March".  I know- classy right?  Luckily BuyBuy Baby was right by Chik-Fil-A and newborn baby clothes were calling my name.....

I wrapped this little onesie up and headed to Braedon's work to break the news.  He came out to my car thinking I was just bringing him lunch... but I had a much bigger surprise!  Seeing the look on his face was priceless.  He may or may not have cried like a little babe- I'l let him tell that story ;)

Braedon had to go back to work and since I had to fight the urge to keep it secret a little longer I headed to the library (my happy place).  I'd like to say that since I've been pregnant I've made it my business to read every pregnancy/ birth book out there but I've been a lot more laid back than I thought I'd be.  However, I did start reading this book, Bringing Up Bebe, which so far has been fantastic.... it's about overcoming the average "American Mom" and has helped me feel less nervous about little things like eating a hot dog (apparently those are no bueno during pregnancy, lots of nitrates I guess, oops).  

We left the next day for our trip to Cali with my family.  Braedon and I had decided we'd keep it a secret a little longer, and maybe break the news towards the end of the trip.  Again, impatience got the better of me.  (Sorry Braed).  Although....I have to say it wasn't entirely my fault.  My sister Missy, also not one for surprises, found out the first day in Cali while we were grocery shopping.  I realized I had forgotten to bring prenatals and since we had split up the list to make the most of shopping for the whole fam I figured she was on the other side of the store... next thing I know I'm looking at different brands of prenatal vitamins and up walks my sister...

 "Awwww prenatals! Are you pregnant?? Wait, are you guys trying??? WAIT, YOU'RE PREGNANT??"  And then she started crying.  Right in the middle of the grocery store.  It was awesome.  

Once she knew I knew there was no keeping it a secret.  If I didn't tell my family soon she'd spill it at some point!  

That night, while we were playing "telephone" Braedon and I looked at each other and just decided it was now or never!  Braedon started the telephone and honestly I have no idea what he even said.  It went around the circle until it finally got to me (the last person).  I was so nervous to tell everyone!  I just blurted out... soooo I heard that I'm pregnant!  

There were some laughs until my family realized it wasn't the telephone phrase getting mixed up, it was actually true!  My family cheered and everyone gave us a hug.  The rest of the trip my brother-in-law Brent D kept jokingly referring to me as the "sacred vessel".  

Once we told everyone we realized it wasn't so scary after all.  I don't know why we were so nervous to spread the news- probably because we were pretty in shock ourselves!  

The nurse curse hit and as soon as we found out we were pregnant I was determined to get an ultrasound.  Luckily the doctor I used to work for at RCC was a sweetheart and offered to do an ultrasound for me.  I had one at 6 weeks and again at 7 weeks because I needed wanted to hear the heartbeat!  I'd seen too many ultrasounds end sadly after working there and I was a little paranoid!  So far, we've got a healthy baby!  

We told the Murdock's when we got back from Cali and when I figure out how to load a good video I'll have to post the reaction.  It was seriously PRICELESS!  We are the first grand baby and great baby for them so it's pretty exciting!  This little nugget is going to be SO spoiled!  Elise had the best reaction and you can tell she is already SO excited.  She's already putting together her own little nursery for when we're over there and between her and my mom I think our baby is gonna be pretty well taken care of!!  

^^ the most recent photo of "baby" ^^

So far I feel really lucky with this whole pregnancy thing.  Aside from some nausea and feeling like I could take 3 naps a day, it's been a breeze.  Weeks 6-10 I had some really weird/ sad "food aversions".  Before I was pregnant I was sure that "food aversions" were just a hoax.  You guys, I couldn't eat some of my favorite things!  Cafe rio made me wanna puke, thai food still makes me shiver, and for a while I couldn't eat grilled chicken.  Like what????  I finally feel like my appetite is getting back to normal.  

Also, I'm gonna kick myself for doing this cause I always thought they were so cheesy but here it goes....

How far along: 13 weeks

Total weight gain: Only a couple pounds so far! 

Maternity clothes: Nope

Stretch marks: Nope.  I just look like I have a nice food baby.

Sleep: I could sleep for days but I've always been a lover of naps so it's not really anything new!

Best moment of this week: I work in the nursery and I get to go down on almost all of the deliveries.  I love seeing the looks on the new parents faces and seeing all of the different characteristics babies have even at just a few minutes old!  I can't help but wonder what our baby will look like.  

Miss anything: Diet Coke.  I'm trying my best to stay away and it's very sad :(

Movement: Not yet.  I'm actually kind of nervous and worry I will be so freaked out by this but we'll see!  

Food cravings: Steak.  Braedon thinks it's so funny.  I actually asked him if we could go to Outback Steakhouse last week.... literally we've never been there haha.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been lucky and got some samples of Diclegis from my old job at RCC.  It's been a lifesaver.  

Have you started to show yet: Other than a little food baby no, not really.  

Gender: Braedon is guessing boy, and I'm guessing girl.  Mostly just because Braedon says it's a boy haha.  Whitney and Madi have both been saying boy, and Elise thinks girl.  My mom is so convinced I'm having a girl that she's already bought pink swaddling blankets.   Matt is also saying girl.  Side note: My niece Lexi told me if I have a girl to name her "Lucy", but if it's a boy, to name him "hot-dog".  We're thinking about it.  

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: I was pretty moody the first few weeks but I feel a lot more like myself lately.  I'm so worried about all of the changes and it may sound selfish but I'm sad to be giving up  all of my free time with Braedon!  I'll just have to learn how to share ;) 

Looking forward to:  Finding out the gender!!!  Our doctor said he'd check at my next appointment.  Two weeks people!!  

If you made it to the end of this post you deserve an award!  Thanks for reading!