Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bumpdate // 26 Weeks

^^ Story of my life ^^

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Weight Gain: 12 lbs now (yikes)

Maternity Clothes:  Yes!  Mostly jeans, but I got a few tops on sale at Old Navy and I'm just gonna say it- they are amazing.  So nice to be able to look down and have your shirt actually covering your belly.  Prego midriff is NOT cute.  Well, just regular midriff is not cute in my opinion either soo....take it or leave it?

Sleep: I've been feeling extra sleepy these past few days.  My guess is it's a combination of packing my 3 night shifts in a row and the Thanksgiving holiday that wore me out.  I was always tired my first trimester and would rather not feel that way again!  (until baby comes I guess)  

Best moment this week: Friends and family getting to feel the baby move.  Plus, I felt baby do a somersault while I was laying in bed the other night and it was like my stomach did the wave.  That was rad!  

Weird pregnancy moment: I'll be at work doing something normal, or just walking around the house and it's like I can see myself trip and fall and I get SO nervous!  I mean, falling is pretty much just a part of my normal life but it's a lot scarier when you've got another human to take care of.  Also, I get the same feeling at work when I'm holding babies but I get sensations that I'm gonna drop them!  (Don't worry, hasn't happened, you can trust me with your kids I promise).  I'll just be sitting in a rocking chair feeding a little babe and all of the sudden I think to myself, "Oh my gosh, what if I drop this thing?  I'm gonna drop them!"  So weird.   

Movement: Basically all the time.  He gets especially excited at night when I'm trying to go to sleep, or while I'm eating.    

 Food Cravings: Clementines, cereal (honey nut cheerios), and chobani coconut greek yogurt.   

Anything making you queasy: Not anymore! But man, I sure do have super powers when it comes to smells.  

Gender: BOY

What I'm looking forward to: still need to put the crib together (whoops), and getting our stroller/car seat!  Should be here any day now.  We got a great deal on amazon and decided on a stroller / car seat system that we both could agree on- yes- it involved a spread sheet.  Post to come for those who care haha.  

^^ Just waiting for my blood to be drawn after drinking the lemon lime glucose poison.  Apparently I shoulda gone with orange.  

^^ 25 week bathroom selfie (yikes) ^^

Can't believe we're gonna have a human here in just a few months!!  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bumpdate// 23 Weeks

  How Far Along: 23 weeks

Weight Gain: About 8 lbs

Maternity Clothes:  Just jeans for now.  The rubber band thing is just getting way too uncomfortable and can you say plummer bum??  (sorry, TMI) 

Sleep: I have a hard time getting comfortable and I tend to wake up at strange hours because I'm so hungry.   

Best moment this week: Baby getting hiccups!!  Braedon finally was able to feel him and know for sure that he was feeling the baby.  It was so fun.  

Weird pregnancy moment: Back pain after being on my feet all day.  

Movement: YES!  He is seriously starting to wiggle SO much.  It's kind of weird, but also so fun.  

 Food Cravings: Clementines, cereal (honey nut cheerios), and chobani coconut greek yogurt.   

Anything making you queasy: Not anymore!  

Gender: BOY

What I'm looking forward to: putting together the crib and braving the Black Friday madness to lock down a carseat/ stroller!

We got these pictures at our 20 week ultrasound and I just about died.  The little man was posing so nicely for us and moving around so much, it was so fun!  I love that he has his hands all up by his face.

This one was near the end of the ultrasound and the tech thought he might have fallen back asleep.  Braedon said, "Awee cute that's how his mamma sleeps!  Hands all up by her face and everything".  Pretty much my heart could burst.  

New York State Of Mind

 A few weeks ago Braedon and I took a trip to New York- neither of us had been!  We almost thought that the trip wasn't going to happen because of my work schedule but luckily everything worked out and we were able to go.  We stayed at Braedon's Aunt's home and were so lucky to be able to spend some time with them while we were there.  New York is ridiculously expensive and without a place to stay there is no way we could have made it happen!  

I was warned before we left that New York meant LOTS of walking.  I was glad I was warned.  This preggie mamma gets out of breath a little faster than usual and Braedon was sweet to make me take breaks and find the best restroom stops.  He jokes that I saw more of New York than the average person because of all the bathroom breaks.  Thanks baby!

-Brooklyn Bridge (check)
-Wall Street (check)
-Trinity Church (check)
-Apple (check)
-SOHO (check)
-Chinatown (check)
-Canal Street (check)
-Little Italy (check)
-Sore feet (check)

We took the Subway to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked to the rest of our destinations- I think we may have overdone it for the first day but we had a blast!  

Trinity Church

Bumpin on the Brooklyn Bridge (19 weeks)

I took a bathroom break and found my cute husband happier than ever and so concentrated on some sort of music app.  He didn't even register me snapping the picture! 

By the time we got to Chinatown I was in a bad state of hanger (poor husband).  He did some urban spoon research and we found this very sketchy authentic looking hole in the wall called "Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles".  You guys- it was legit.  The place was packed and we barely found a seat on the end of a shared table.  You could see right into the kitchen and watch the chef make the noodles by hand, plus the plates were only like $5 each and SO much food.  A win in our book!  I got some sort of noodle and shrimp veggie stir fry and Braedon got the dumpling soup.  Mmmmm.  

We realized that most of our days revolved around what we wanted to eat.  I guess you could call us foodies??  Although, not food critics cause we'll eat just about anything.  We got a lot of great recommendations of places to go in New York but also fully utilized urban spoon to find some good hole in the walls.  We learned quickly that food in New York is EXPENSIVE and it was our mission to find the gems.  

We ended our night in Little Italy which was so charming once it got dark.  Lots of strung lights and the cutest places to eat!  We chose Lombardi's for a pizza bigger than our faces.  After we walked off our pizza we ran into a crepe place and shared the best crepe I've ever had topped with ice cream and carmel sauce.  

-Statue of Liberty (check)
-Statten Island Fairy (check)
-Times Square (check)
-Blue Man Group (check)

Day two we started off by going straight to the fairy to see the Statue of Liberty.  We stopped at TKTS on our way there to see what shows had discount tickets for that night.  After the Statue of Liberty we checked a few other TKTS locations to see what tickets they were selling and found out that Blue Man group was half off but we'd have to go to the TKTS in times square.  It wasn't exactly part of our plan for the day but we decided it was worth it and took the Subway to times square.  We got our tickets and then found out the theatre was back where we had just come from- such a goose chase!  However, we got to sit front row and the tickets were a steal so in the end it was totally worth it.  

We stopped at the M&M store in times square and got a bag full of all the fun M&M flavors.  I wasn't excited about it at all.  

The break from walking and the view was pretty great, but we both agreed that the fairy ride and the Statue of Liberty were not our favorite destinations of the trip.  But hey-when in New York!

This is how I felt about the Subway.  The musk and the smell combined w/the weird radiating heat was the perfect combination for a very smell sensitive preggo.  

-5th Avenue (check)
-FAO Shwartz (check)
-Central Park (check)
-New York LDS Temple (check)
-Burger Joint (check)
-Caught in a downpour and buy an overpriced umbrella (check)
-Wicked (check)

Just feeling right at home (or should I say work?) in the "newborn nursery".  

Central Park was DREAMY.  We decided to take it by bike since the park is HUGE.  Braedon being the protective husband he is, wouldn't allow me to ride my own bike.  He insisted we ride tandem.  Probably a smart thing since I'm already accident prone and add to it my newfound lack of center of balance- it's a deadly combo.

^^ He did all the work ^^
Just kidding I pedaled the whole time ;)

Last minute we decided to splurge and go see Wicked.  Braedon and I rationalized that it would be lame if we went to New York and didn't see a broadway play.  Even though we got caught in a downpour on our way there, we decided it was one of the best decisions we made that trip!  Day 3 was by far my favorite day.  How can you top the most incredible toy store, biking around central park, a juicy burger for dinner and a broadway play??

-The High Line (check)
-Ground Zero (check)
-The Flatiron Building (check)
-Grimaldi's (check)
-Empire State Building (check)
-Tasti D Lite (check)

The High Line was so fun because it feels like you get a little break from the city, but if you look down you see city all around you.  

No better way to end your day than with some tasti-d-light I tell ya.  

Empire State Building

Flat Iron Building 

-Rockefeller Center
-Radio City
-Totto Ramen

By day five we were pooped.  As you can see, the list of "things to do" got progressively smaller as the week went on!  We went to Totto Ramen off of a recommendation and were NOT disappointed!  Seriously it was amazing.  Ramen noodles for adults.  We sat at the bar and watched them make all the food which was so fun.  All of the noodles are handmade and they have these huge pots of ramen broth that they're constantly stirring and perfecting.  I got the relatively safe ramen with chicken and fresh veggies and Braedon went with the spicy pork ramen.  He was sweating so that means it was spicy enough!  

We were sad leave but definitely felt pretty worn out after this trip.  I'm so glad we got to see New York just the two of us as the whole time I was thinking- this would be SO hard with kids!  Braedon did admit at one point that he does appreciate a good pool/beach vacation and I practically jumped for joy at those words!  I loved having Braedon all to myself without the worry of school or work on our minds constantly- I can't wait for his next break!!