Hi guys!  We're the Murdock's.  I started this blog about a year after we were married when I realized I needed to start a new hobby to get me through the "med school" years.  Plus I'm a terrible journal keeper-my hand cramps way too fast.  

About Stefani...

I'm a nurse with a passion for pediatrics and women's services.  I've been lucky to work in pediatric home health and at a clinic treating couples with infertility.  Someday I hope work at Primary Children's Hospital, or as a NICU nurse.  Currently I work Mother/Baby and absolutely LOVE the nursery.  I get to go down to Labor and Delivery and transition all the new babes until deemed well enough for "couplet care".  You can read more about my nursing stories under the "i'm a nurse" section.  My ultimate dream job is to one day raise really cute kids.  

I'm a book worm and get attached to the characters I read about.  I've read the Hunger Games series straight through five times now and have re-read each of the Harry Potter books.  Someday I'll write a post about all of the other the books I love!

"Pure Luck" is a nickname my parents gave me as a kid.  It's in reference to a 1980's movie, pure luck.  I've got quite the knack for tripping, spilling my food, stubbing my toe, dropping my phone in my cereal, you name it.  

About Braedon...

Braedon is a go-getter and started a window washing company when we first started dating.  He realized he would likely be purchasing some bling for my finger and decided it would best to start making some extra money on the side.  He's stuck with it and is the owner of Pane and Simple Window Washing.  

Braedon's dream is to become an Ophthalmologist, likely specialize, and travel back to Cambodia to do free eye surgeries.  If I let him, we would be living in Cambodia as we speak.  Currently he is pre-med and his time is taken by lots of studying, volunteering, shadowing doctors, and working in the genetics lab at the U.  He works hard for our little family!    

Although he's pretty shy about it, Braedon is a great singer/ musician.  Hopefully our kids pick up that skill.  He's also got some mean dance moves!  He loves Ted-talks, and I know he's been driving my car when talk radio is the station of choice.    

You can read more about how we met here.

Thanks for reading!


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