Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tally // Six Months

^^ My Little Man!! ^^

^^ Green beans were a hit ^^

^^ Do I have something on my face?? ^^

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still size 3 diapers, and now 6-9 month clothing.  We had his pediatrician appointment a few days ago and he weighs 16 lbs 9 oz, 27 inches long.  He's in the 80th percentile for height and 30th percentile for weight!!  Just a little string bean haha.

Eyes:  Still blue!  Everyone we meet comments on how big and blue his eyes are.

Hair:  Seriously Tally is a clone of Braedon- especially at this age.  He has strawberry blonde hair right now and it changes depending on the light.

Sleeping: Tally sleeps anywhere from 6-10 hrs at night.  Teething and growth spurts just throw us all for a loop!  He naps about 2-3 times a day- anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours haha.  This kid is like Russian roulette.   He loves to snuggle and takes a long nap with mom and dad every Sunday after church- it's the best!  

Eating: Still exclusively breastfed and also eating solids.  Our pediatrician told us to start hitting the solids hard so I'm trying to get a better routine in.  He's cleared to eat anything besides honey and dairy!!  It makes me kind of sad cause that means he's growing up haha.  So far he's not picky though!  He'll make an effort to eat whatever I decide to give him!  Although he does prefer oatmeal over rice cereal.  He loves to try and help me while he's eating and always sticks his thumb in his mouth in between bites.

-SQUEALS so loud!
-Sitting up pretty good, we can do like 45 seconds. He just loves to stand!  Every time I try to sit him down he digs his heals into the ground and tries to push off of me or pull himself up!
-Has started jumping/ dancing while we hold him up
-Is more interested in toys-particularly this stupid giraffe named Sophie (we actually love her but can't believe we gave in to the craze!)
-Loves playing with Mom's keys
-Follows objects, recognizes Mom and Dad and turns his head to find us
-Loves to chew on his hands and has started sucking his thumb
-Is totally ticklish like his parents!
-Gets this little bashful grin and bats his eyes- total flirt
-Has found his toes and loves to grab onto them
-Has started teething.  Apparently this can last for months....what???

-MUSIC!  He thinks it's hilarious when I workout.  I put him in this little chair thing and he just bounces up and down to the beat of the music and smiles!
-DOGS- this is a new one.  He thinks their hilarious and will go into full on fits of laughter watching them bark and play!
-Baths (kicks his legs pretty furiously and loves to splash)
-Singing, Dad playing the guitar, etc.
-Standing up with help
-Being tickled, kissed, and played with (prefers it over toys)
-Sticking his hands in his mouth
-Tickling his face with a blanket or my hair
-Going on walks

-Being tired or hungry
-Getting smothered by anyone besides mom when he's tired

So far this stage is honestly my favorite.  I wish I could just bottle it up!!  When Tally gets tired or hasn't seen me in a while the second I pick him up he buries his head into me and gives me the best open mouthed slobbery kisses!  He's a snuggle bug, and he's just the happiest kiddo.  We love him SO much.