Monday, March 24, 2014

23 // The In-divisable Birthday

Quick explanation of the post title.  I was expressing my contempt to my mom about turning 23.  I just really don't like odd numbers.  My mom quickly raddled off some reasons why 23 was a good age (she is a number gal, and sometimes it freaks me out): number 1. 23 is a prime number, which means it can't be divided!  Number 2. 2 + 3 = 5, also a prime number.  So, I guess here's to year 23, the indivisible year!  

I got spoiled rotten this year.  My cute mother in law, Elise, took me to lunch and we did some serious shopping.  We shopped till we dropped and even got lost in industrial Utah looking for the Overstock warehouse.  

Saturday (my actual birthday), March 22nd, Braedon had a whole list of surprises for me.  We headed up to Park City and made our first stop at the Utah Olympic Park.  We got to do the ropes course as many times as we wanted!  It was scary, thrilling, and hilarious to say the least.  Once you start, there's no going back.  This may have caused a few tears on my part, I got stuck and figured I was gonna be stuck for the rest of my life.  Once I looked back and saw Braedon laughing hysterically at me, I realized my situation wasn't that threatening.  I survived.

Ok so obviously I don't know how to upload videos very well.  Any suggestions are welcome!  

After we conquered the ropes course, we were starving.  We headed to Park City Main street for some sushi, and dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  After playing around on main street for a bit we stayed at Braedon's grandparent's place in Midway. 

^^ If it wasn't so cold, we would've been be sitting here listening to Braedon play ^^

Park City is so fun because it's just far enough that you feel like you're out of town.  We forgot about all the tasks we needed to complete back home and relaxed for the night :)

Sunday night my parent's made an awesome dinner for me, and after dinner we celebrated my nephew Caden's birthday (which is today yay!) with cupcakes at my sisters house.  It was a perfect weekend and Braedon and I were dragging our feet this Monday.  I'd like to request more three day weekends please!  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm A Nurse: Terminal Illnesses

I have to admit, this post is a little less on the lighter side than my first "I'm A Nurse" entry.  But hey, I never said nursing was perfect!  Lately, this has been on my mind....

What it's like to care for a child with a terminal illness...
*By the way, I'd like to first just recognize the parents of these children.  They provide so much more than us nurses, and are truly heroes in my eyes.

  1. You get to forge a unique relationship, one that can't really be explained
  2. Many moments become a, "this could be the last", so naturally, you make the most of them.  You allow your patient to eat dessert first, and push aside the veggies- even though you're the nurse and should probably be a better example
  3. You do weird dance moves, have thumb wars (even if your patient is supposed to be doing something else, like listening to their teacher), and you try your best to keep the mood light 
  4. On that same note, you acknowledge the hard moments and give your patient time to relax.  You don't rush them through therapy, and you cry when they cry
  5. You try to give them as many options as possible and let them be the "boss", because they rarely get to choose
  6. Your job stops feeling like work
  7. You worry about your patient when your not with them 
  8.  You cry.  Sometimes you cry when you don't expect to.  
  9. You learn to be gentle, to be loving, to be patient, and to not take yourself so seriously
  10. You become and expert in whatever hobbies or interests your patient has.  Be it Justin Bieber, NBA basketball stars, or boxing matches
  11. You put up with listening to Justin Bieber over and over, just so your patient can memorize the rapping part in "Baby"
  12. You cheer when they rap said part perfectly for the first time and have a mini dance party during therapy
  13. You think twice about what you'd want to be remembered for
  14. You realize your life is easy
  15. You find out that there is a place in your heart you never knew you had- you realize this child helped you more than you could ever help them, and that something as simple as a healthy body is a beautiful blessing  
  16. You find a new meaning for the resurrection, and look forward to the day you can witness these crippled bodies run, jump, and play
  17. You thank Heavenly Father for allowing your life to be changed by such a beautiful spirit  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Story: The Dating Game

Disclaimer: If you'd rather not read a long and sappy love post with a ridiculous amount of pictures just stop now.  This is probably way more for my future kiddies anyways. I figure I should have our courting story written down before I start forgetting details...

Three years ago (right around this time) Braedon and I met each other for the first "official" time.  I say "official" because we went to the same high school but didn't know each other.  It's funny to talk about the things we did and the times we probably crossed paths. 

The first time we met it was super snowy, and we had gone bowling with a group of mutual friends.  Braedon literally had been home from his mission for a few days.... I think that might explain his lack of flirting skills.  I remember seeing him smile for the first time and thinking to myself, ok he's really cute.  I put on my best flirting front but the boy was totally clueless.  

^^ that side smile^^
I've since learned that this side smile only comes out when he's nervous.  Even more adorable.  

A week or two later I could NOT get him out of my head!  I just kept thinking about how cute he was!  It was time to take things into my own hands.  I decided I'd go the non-threatening route and write something stupid on his Facebook wall.  I think I said something like this...

"Sooo, when are you gonna let me beat you in bowling again??"

No response.  I was feeling so dumb.  

Still....could NOT stop thinking about him and I did what all girls do but pretend like they don't.  I told his friend, "I think I have a crush on Braedon!  But DON'T tell him!" (Major wink wink).  Shout out to Matt Sullivan for taking the hint and setting things in motion...

The next day Sulli called me up and his exact words were, "What are you doing?  I'm coming to pick you up, we're going over to Braedon's house.  You like him right?"
I was so not prepared.  But also really excited.  

After we got to Braedon's house we decided it would be fun to go walk around Walmart- typical college kids.  As we were piling in Braedon's jeep Sulli found a moment to tell Braedon that I had a crush on him, and apparently his response was, "Oh my gosh, crap!  I didn't even plan anything for the night"  I would later learn that Braedon is a HUGE planner.  

Braedon took this amazing picture of us while goofing off at Walmart.  

When we got back to Braedon's we turned on I Am Legend and before we knew it we were the last ones left there...I think everyone was pining for us to hit it off.  

We talked during the whole movie- poor Braedon- it's his favorite and he was probably wishing I'd just be quiet.  He took me home, and asked for my number....

The next week we went bowling a few more times....

^^ Tae was my trusty wing-woman ^^
And then he asked me on our first date.  He had learned enough about me that he knew what most of my favorite things were.  We went to Olive Garden for dinner (hello salad and breadsticks), walked around the temple (I know, I know), and then went to a haunted house.  It was in April but it was Friday the 13th so they were open! Probably the most random date ever....but also one of the best.  I remember when Braedon got to my house to pick me up I walked down the stairs and he was just awkwardly standing there with one pink carnation in his hand talking to my Dad about our plans for the evening.  I thought it was so adorable.   Braedon claims this was the first time he thought about marrying me... (typical RM)

Almost a month after our first date we both left for some adventures.  I went to India for two weeks, we had a few days together, and then Braedon left to go back to visit Cambodia with his family for two weeks.  We agreed to date other people while the other person was away and decide after we were both home if we wanted to make things official.  I went on one wimpy date with a kid that I knew I wasn't gonna like anyways, I was already sold, but had to play the game.    

When Braedon got home from Cambodia he brought me a few gifts and a really pretty string of pearls.  After that time apart we saw each other almost every day and our dating game started to get serious...  

One thing Braedon started right from the beginning was a weekly date night. And, like I mentioned earlier he always had a PLAN.  I'm more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of person, so having a plan for every date night was new to me- but I loved it.  I always felt spoiled, and special.  His parents taught him well!  

Before my little brother Matt left for his mission we went on a hike and talked a lot about Braedon.  He pretty much gave me the go-ahead which was kind of a big deal.  Matt always had pretty strong opinions about the guys I dated...and by strong I mean he really didn't love any of them haha.  I guess it's only fair- I'm the same way with the girls he dates- protective!  

In June, two days before my brother Matt left for his mission we got a group together and went skydiving.  We literally decided the night before that we wanted to do it.  I called Braedon up and asked if he was in, he was in!  Probably one of the funnest memories we have together.  

That night we had a little family home evening and we all talked about our best memories with Matt- I know, it sounds like a funeral.  People who have sent off family members on a mission know how this is- it's kind of like a funeral haha.  We did fireworks once it got dark and Braedon and I stayed outside cuddling on a blanket in the grass.  That was kind of a summer ritual for us- grab a blanket, lay out on the grass and talk (cough cough and kiss).  Before I knew it, Braedon was telling me he loved me.  Sigh.  I told him I loved him too, and then he said, "That was scarier than skydiving".

Matt and I are really close and I was pretty much in a depression the day he left.  I had to go in to work and Braedon showed up with some sour punch straws and a diet coke....he already knew the way to my heart.    

And more dating pictures....

Ben Folds Concert

Nickel-mania winnings

Fourth of July Fireworks 

Latin-Jazz festival 

Feeding the ducks

Tim McGraw Concert
 Braedon was a good sport for that one- he really doesn't love country.  

Bell Canyon Hike

Karoke Night

General Conference

I got invited to the Murdock annual pumpkin carving contest...ya it was a big deal!  


Indian Food

Our First Christmas
Braedon did the 12 days of Christmas for me our first year.  I still have most of the poems he came up with, he's pretty dang creative!

Sandi and Danny for Halloween 

The Rick's Ugly Sweater Party 

Christmas Day 

More Tim McGraw

My Birthday
Bachelorette Party 
Temple Endowment
Ten months after Braedon and I started dating we got engaged.  You can read about our engagement story here.  We started the wedding planning, I went through the temple, and we got married six months later on August 16th, 2012.   I'm still head over heels for this hunk of burning love! Stay tuned for the wedding story later...