Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still size 3 diapers, and in size 12-18 month clothing.  We will see his pediatrician at 1 year to find out how muc he weighs, etc.  He seems like he is growing like a weed, he is SO tall to me!!

Eyes: Tally's intermittent exotropia has good days and bad days, the bad days are usually related to something else like teething, not enough sleep, etc.  We saw another specialist at Primary Children's and he felt like Talmage was handling it beautifully, that he definitely does NOT need glasses and that we just need to follow it closely. It's frustrating getting such different opinions, but for now we are just watching it closely and hoping it'll work itself out. 

Hair: Hmm...I guess I would describe his hair as dirty blonde right now?? Maybe with a little strawberry?  It's getting so long and he totally has a mullet, but he has a few curls in the back and I just can't bring myself to cut his hair just yet. 

Sleeping: Tally is officially sleeping through the night!!  Woo! Woo!!  Took him 10 months.  Sometimes I miss the late night nursing and snuggling, but mostly I'm just glad we are all getting some more sleep.  On a good night he goes to bed around 8 and gets up around 8 the next morning, then takes two 1-2 hr naps during the day. 

Eating: He eats everything we eat and prefers to feed himself-mealtime is MESSY.  His favorites include coconut greek yogurt, tilapia, raspberries and broccoli.  He also seems to be phasing out of bottles and it makes me kind of sad ;(

-Walking!!  He isn't full on walking all of the time, but he can go short distances.  It's the cutest little zombie walk I've ever seen. 
-Says Mama, Dada, Hi, Ball, Dog, Uh-Oh
-Whenever he sees himself in the mirror or a front facing camera he waves or claps and says "Hiiiii" haha
-Has four teeth on top, one bottom middle, and two molars!

-Frozen (the movie), baths, swimming, books, eating, snuggling mama, and being chased by dad

-Getting cleaned up after he eats! He throws a fit every time I wipe his face.  And like I mentioned earlier meal-time is messy so I'm ready for him to just accept that his face has to be wiped after we eat! haha

Tally is turning into a toddler right before my eyes and I can't decide if I love it or hate it.  He has an opinion and is starting to get mad when we take things away from him!  He also squeals, and can be the biggest ham during dinner time or when he can see that he's being filmed.  He claps his hands, makes an "oh" face, smiles this cheesy scrunchy grin, waves and says, "hiii".  If you follow me on snapchat you know what I'm talking about!! 

He has been walking around on the furniture for a while and took his first steps while Braedon was with him and I was at work- I was SO glad it was caught on video!  Ever since then he hasn't been afraid to walk, he just knows crawling is faster.  He loves how excited we get after each time he walks and gets this bashful grin when we cheer for him. 

He absolutely loves to snuggle, after each nap I get the cutest head butts.  He snuggles everything; his books, my lap, his toys, pillows, you name it.  He loves and has always loved Frozen.  If I'm in a pinch somewhere and he is getting antsy I can turn on "let it go" and he is in a trance!  Braedon keeps saying we need to find a more "manly" show haha.  I love that he loves the music! 

Tally giggles all the time and thinks Braedon is super hilarious.  He has also figured out how to make us laugh and can be super silly!  Braedon has taught him to laugh after every time he farts and sometimes he will cough over and over trying to squeeze a fart out to make us all laugh hahah the best part is, most of the time it works!!  (sorry if that is super gross or tmi to some of you). 

Seriously, this mom gig is the best, and I feel super grateful to watch Talmage grow up.