Monday, January 26, 2015

Maternity Photos + 34 Week BumpDate

Angela Young was sweet enough to take some maternity photos for me before it got too snowy up in the mountains.  We froze our butts off but it was definitely worth it!  Below are some of my favorites...

^^ Braedon's personal favorite ^^ 

^^ I like to cuddle rocks ^^

Angela was a doll the whole time and her prices are so reasonable!! She was so good at posing me and telling me what to do so it looked good.  I may "model" but it's seriously so helpful when the photographer can just direct you!  Makes me feel way more comfortable.  I can't wait to use Angela for newborn photos and family pictures this year.  Go check her out!

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Weight Gain: I'm at about 23 lbs so far (yikes)

Maternity Clothes:  Yes and no.  I've tried to be practical and wear stuff that will work post pregnancy as well because buying maternity clothes is sort of annoying.  I want to think that what I buy will be in style during my second or third pregnancies but who knows right??  Pretty much I'm just excited when I try something on in my closet and it fits/ covers my belly.  Fashion has gone out the window!  

Sleep: I have nights that I sleep like a rock, and nights that the pregnancy insomnia really hits me hard.  I've entered into full blown nester mode and lay awake at night making to-do lists in my head.   

Best moment this week: Waking up this morning and watching my belly roll and roll.  He was a wild wiggle worm!  Glad he still has some room to move- I'm not excited for the final stage when he's all cramped in there.    

Weird pregnancy moment: I forgot my wallet grocery shopping again.  Did I mention that this has happened to me three times now?  Each time I don't realize it until AFTER I've checked out.  So embarrassing.  

Movement: All the time!  I'm trying to be better about counting.  I've gotten a little paranoid as we get closer.  My job is a blessing and a curse- I see all the women that come in far along in their pregnancies with fetal demises, or decreased fetal movement and I start to panic.        

 Food Cravings: I LOVE to chew ice.  Especially the pebble ice.  We have the good kind at the hospital and its my go to when I get the munchies!  

Anything making you queasy: Nope! 

Gender: BOY

What I'm looking forward to: MEETING THIS BABY.  (too soon for that? yes)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bump Date // 32 weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Weight Gain: Yes.  Everywhere.  It's super hot.  

Maternity Clothes:  Are so smart.  Whoever thought of them is awesome.  

Sleep: I'm back to sleeping great!  I don't if it was just playing so hard in Hawaii that helped but I'm happy to be back to my "sleep like a rock" self.  I'm sure Braedon is happier too as I'm much more pleasant to be around.  

Best moment this week: Feeling baby getting stronger and stronger.  We were spoiled and got to go to Hawaii for my sister in law Whitney's wedding.  While sitting on the beach baby was going crazy!  My whole belly was wiggling.  I kept wanting to tell everyone but a part of me loved having the moment all to myself.  I told Braedon that baby loves the beach.  He says baby was probably just happy cause mommy was relaxed and "in her element".  He might be right but I still think it's a good excuse to introduce him to the beach early on!    

Weird pregnancy moment: I'm still getting charlie horses at night if I try to stretch out my legs too hard. Baby is now big and strong enough that I can feel him up under my ribs and in my diaphragm.  It literally takes my breath away and sometimes not in a good way haha.  

Movement: See above.      

 Food Cravings: Honestly nothing really stands out to me as a "craving".  I think I just like my usuals which includes cereal and Chobani coconut yogurt. However right before we left for hawaii I had an intense craving for pancakes.  I made german pancakes for dinner that night and the craving was satisfied!    

Anything making you queasy: Only sometimes when baby is curled up strange in my belly.  He must be crushing some sort of important organ that's making me nauseous haha.   

Gender: BOY

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing the nursery!  It's getting there.  Also, my cute girlfriends are throwing me a shower this week and my friend Whitney is even flying in from Arizona to be there.  I have the best friends and I can't wait for some girl time!   

Probably an accurate depiction of what baby will look like...

Christmas 2014 + Ringing in the New Year

Braedon and I tried to really soak in the Holiday's this year as we realized it would be our "last" year just the two of us.  We were kind of giddy thinking about how different this next year is going to be and how many new memories we will get to make with our little man.  Having a baby is intimidating and exciting all at the same time.  It's a constant mix of emotions- how excited and happy we are, mixed with how inexperienced we feel!!  Am I ready to be a mom??  Is our life over?  Starting our family has felt so right, and I love the little moments of peace I feel that are surely coming from Heavenly Father.   

This year we did Christmas Eve with the Murdock's, and then split our time between families on Christmas day.  I had to work the night shift on Christmas so I had to sneak out on all of the fun a little early, but we made every moment leading up to work worth it!  

Tradition on Christmas Eve with the Murdock's includes dinner at Asian Star and "predictions".  The predictions are one of my most favorite traditions!  We predict things for each family member for the new year and wait until the next year to read them again.  Almost everyone predicted last year that we would have a baby announcement by this Christmas.  Looks like they were right!!  We had fun predicting things like the little man's actual birth date, his birth weight, features, etc.  Can't wait to see what "comes true"!  

Christmas morning at the Murdock's.  Elise surprised me with the sweetest charm necklace engraved with "mom".  

Don't mind our sleepy faces!!  Fun fact: Braedon and I have never been able to wait until Christmas day to open our gifts to each other.  This year Christmas came around December 7th for us!!  We have too much fun and get too excited to wait.  We just start giving gifts as soon as they arrive which makes it last a little longer I guess??  We'll see how that changes with a baby next year!

My parents spoiled us with lots of gifts for baby.  He is already so spoiled and so loved.  My cute grandma has already made him the cutest little receiving blanket with a matching burp cloth, and got started on the most beautiful blessing blanket that will be passed down.  

New Year's Eve we played games with the Murdock's, ate candy until we were sick, and toasted to the new year at midnight!  

Some highlights of 2014….

-Stef's new job at St. Mark's in the nursery

-A spontaneous girl's trip to visit Missy in Carlsbad

-Another trip to California with the whole Aiken clan

-Another few semesters under Braedon's belt ;)

-Braedon taking the MCAT

-Stef graduating with her bachelor's degree in Nursing

-Evan and Whitney getting engaged

-Visiting New York for our first time

-Moving into our new Apartment

-Teaching the 16 & 17 yr old's in Sunday School and slowly realizing each of them had added us on Instagram and Snapchat

-Braedon's new job with ID marketing

and last but not least…


need I say more??