Sunday, December 14, 2014

BUMPDATE // 28 weeks

Sorry for the ghetto bathroom selfie.  I promised myself I would never do one of these.  And here I am.  Yikes.  

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Weight Gain: about 15 lbs.  I wasn't exactly at my "skinniest" when I got pregnant so it feels like 30 lbs but think of all the muscle I'm building by carrying around that extra weight right?? ;) (hope you know I'm actually joking)

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely pants, unless I'm wearing leggings or using my belly band.  It's hilarious but it holds my pants up so I won't complain!  

Sleep: they say third trimester your fatigue can come back with a vengeance.  Unfortunately, I'm afraid I've been cursed w/ a case of the tired's again.  I thought it was over after the first trimester!  AT first I thought maybe I was just anemic because I've been craving ice, super pale, and always tired. However, I've been trying to get more iron in my diet and still no big changes have been noted :(

Best moment this week: Friday night Braedon and I had a date night at home because he was finishing a paper for school (life of a pre-med wife I tell ya).   Once he finished he was playing the ukelele and we were just laying on the couch.  I lifted up my shirt so we could see my belly and boy was he wiggling in there!!  He reached all the way up to my ribs and it literally took my breath away.  

Weird pregnancy moment: Charlie horses- every night.  If I stretch out and flex my calf too hard while I'm sleeping I can feel one coming on.  However, after a night shift I almost ALWAYS get one the next day while I'm sleeping.  So bad that I wake up yelling.  It's embarrassing.  I didn't know Braedon was home one of these days (I am THAT dead to the world after a night shift), and woke up screaming with a charlie horse.  He came running in the room in a panic because he thought I had gone into labor!!  Sort of hilarious.  Once he realized it was just a charlie horse he was quite relieved!  I have a good husband guys.  He sat and massaged my legs after that for a solid half hour.   

Movement: This baby loves to shift around and curl up into my right side- it's actually made my belly button off center haha.  I can feel him ALL over my belly so it's hard to tell what's a hand or a foot.      

 Food Cravings: Honestly nothing really stands out to me as a "craving".  I think I just like my usuals which includes cereal and Chobani coconut yogurt.    

Anything making you queasy: No!  Thank goodness.  

Gender: BOY

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing a quilt I started on a whim- what was I thinking?? I can't sew a straight line to save my life and a big part of me is kind of dreading working on it again.  Small sewing projects are much more my style.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Real Talk + 27 weeks

I struggled coming up with the first sentence for this post, and rewrote it about a million times, so I'm just gonna get it out.  Gaining weight during pregnancy is HARD.  Not hard like it's hard to put on the pounds, hard like you don't feel like yourself when you've put on all those extra pounds.  There I said it.  Now go tell all your friends how I'm gonna be a bad mom cause I'm a little sad when I see another pound racking up on the scale, or wonder, "Who is that woman?" when I catch a glimpse of my own ever-changing body at a "bad angle".   

But you know what? I'm making a baby.  What an incredible privilege.  Am I worthy of it? No.  Am I amazed by it? Yes.  Am I infinitely changed forever because of it?  Definitely.   

We were blessed to be able to create life, and a tiny baby boy is snuggling deep inside of me, close to my heart, relying on ME, and our Heavenly Father to keep growing, to keep developing, and to keep being loved.  Oh, he is SO loved, oh how he has my whole heart.    

I recently attended a fireside where Elaine S. Dalton addressed the Relief Society and Young Women.  You wanna know what she talked about?  Our bodies.  What is the one thing that makes us all unique?  The one thing that Heavenly Father created individually, every detail, even perfectly?  Our bodies.  What is the main attack on women in the world today?  You guessed it, it's on the woman and her body.  Sister Dalton cautioned, "Stop looking at Instagram and saying to yourself, I don't measure up, STOP!"

There are times when I come home from a long 12 hr shift at work feeling tired, feeling at my largest because of my "full" tummy, and after beating myself up for this flaw or that flaw, I lay down in bed and close my eyes eager to begin a fresh day, and promise myself that I'll "try again tomorrow".  And then my baby does a little dance in my belly. And a smile breaks out on my face.  And then I want to kick myself.  How could I be so selfish??  How can I be sad that my thighs are a little thicker when there's a healthy, happy, baby growing INSIDE of me??  

I swear, he knows when his mamma is sad.  Cause when I'm feeling down, he stretches as far as he can, letting me feel his body rub up against mine, and he reminds me that I've been given the greatest privilege of all time.  I'm carrying a baby, and I'm gonna be a mamma.  

So now, with every pound, with every new dimple in my legs, with every new curve I've never seen on my body before, I'm gonna smile.  I'm gonna say to it, "Thanks for keeping my baby happy and healthy, you don't have to stay forever, but thanks for reminding me that what is happening inside of my body is incredible".   

“Motherhood, is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind. It places her who honors its holy calling and service next to the angels.”

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Stroller, A Quilt, And Some Pregnancy Brain

Monday's are hard, especially after a Holiday weekend.  I don't know why, but I ALWAYS pack my "to-do" list way too tight for a Monday.  First off, I have little motivation on a Monday morning- getting the ball rolling didn't start until noon today (yikes).  In my defense- who would choose the gym and Walmart over online shopping in bed??  Side note: crib bedding> check!

Aaaand that's a roundabout way of saying my Monday "to-do" list turned into online shopping for crib bedding, deciding I wanted to make a quilt for the nursery, then calling each and every woman in my family who has ever made or attempted to make a quilt, and then shopping for fabric.  

Organizing the pantry will have to be next Monday I guess.  (Forbid I do that on a Wednesday!)

If you are just now realizing that I said I wanted to make a quilt, and find yourself confused that those words are all in the same sentence, I don't blame you.  I'm about as domestic as a teenage boy.  The idea of sewing something actually sounds terrible to me.  BUT- I'm gonna give it a fair chance. 

Finished product to be posted later.  (maybe)

I decided I'd try a rag quilt.  Any tips, words of wisdom, cautions, or volunteers to do it for me are welcome ;)

^^ The 5 fabrics I chose ^^

Did I mention that I left my oatmeal cooking on the stove for over an hour this morning??

Pregnancy brain I tell ya.  Don't tell my husband,  he'll be like, "We're lucky the house didn't burn down".  Which is true, actually.  

Last but not least, WE PICKED A STROLLER!!!  I bet that's the most exciting news you've ever heard.  

Here's the story:

Allow me to let you girls in on a secret.  I shouldn't be telling you this because now Braedon will find out and my trick will be ruined.  You see, I knew if I went to Braedon and told him what stroller I wanted, along with the price, he'd be like, "You're crazy, strollers can't be that expensive, I"ll look for one".  And then he'd go on KSL and find us a stroller that I really wouldn't want to put my newborn in.  (This is all husband's right??)  (also, Braedon does love our baby I promise, he's just the more practical of us).  

So...I went to "work".  Yes, I created a spread sheet.  I quickly found out that to get the most "bang for your buck", it made sense to buy a stroller and a carseat from the same brand.  If you get different brands, then you also have to purchase attachments to be able to connect the carseat right into the stroller.  This kind of defeats the point to me seeing as you'd have to first put on the "adapter" and then click in the carseat.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to be fumbling with stroller parts with a fussy baby.  

I researched stroller/ car seat combos (otherwise known as travel systems) and wrote up a paper with reviews, prices, ratings, etc.  I was then able to present my options to my husband.  

Seeing that I had actually done my research, and didn't just pick the stroller/car seat combo that "everyone" was buying, he softened.  

We went to Babies "R" Us, and yes, we test drove each one.  

Initially I thought I was FOR SURE going to want to go with the City Select Baby Jogger (yes, one of the more "popular" and more expensive strollers).  However, when I saw it in person compared to a few other strollers I realized that the bottom compartment did not have much room.  My mind flashed back to this summer when my whole family went to Disneyland.  My sister had her stroller and we all mooched off of her and put our stuff in the bottom bin.  Bottom bin space, I realized, was important to me.  Plus, I felt a little sheepish buying one of the most expensive strollers there.  After all, we do have med school student loans to look forward to...

I was then semi drawn to Graco's version of a travel system.  It was the least expensive, plus it came with cup holders.  I don't know if you've noticed, but cup holders aren't commonly included (stupid).  It had holders for the top- eh hem, a place for my phone and my keys, and a toddler tray included.  However, I hated how it felt when we test drove.  I could feel that it was "cheaper".  

Finally, we asked for some help, (and I'm sure those Babies "R" Us guys work on commission but whatever).  The salesman told us, "STAY AWAY FROM GRACO.  If you want something that will last, DO NOT go with GRACO.  They only have to pass the minimum safety standards anyways".  

Then my cute husband was sold.  He was NOT ok with a "minimum safety standard" stroller/carseat. (awwwww heart eyes)

Soooo.... we ended up deciding on the Britax B-agile and B-safe travel system.  I love that the carseat clicks in and out of the stroller in a jiffy.  PLUS if I end up getting a BOB in the future, the carseat will also fit.  Downsides are that I'll have to purchase the toddler tray and cup holders separately (so lame).  HOWEVER we got a screaming deal on Amazon over the weekend and saved $120!!  

And that's how I won the stroller dilemma ;)

Hope this helps any of you new Mamas out there!  We'll see if I made the right decision once baby comes and I get to test it all out!!