Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This morning I had to ask for work off.  Not because I was sick, but because I'm so sore that I'm walking like a T-Rex. 

I told my manager I was happy to "T-Rex" my way in to work if they needed me, but she informed that there would be no "walking with dinosaurs" today.  I've got some pretty great co-workers, but I have a feeling I would've become the next you-tube prodigy had I shown up.  

Let me rewind a few days.   Braedon and I have this new found commitment to the gym and started the week off right by heading there right after work.  We declared it leg day.  We left feeling like jello (signs of a satisfying workout) and I kept telling myself- "no pain no gain".  The next day I noticed my legs were sore right when I got out of bed- to be expected right??  Little did I know that today I'd wake up walking like a T-Rex because my calves are SO sore that the thought of straightening my leg, or letting my heels touch the ground, sends waves of fire + feeling like I'm giving the 1-ton man a piggy back ride! Ps he does exist, I watched a show about him on TLC.  

Anyways.  Braedon's been on my case about not "babying" my calves, so we took a spin around the living room together.  Yes, he held both of my hands and walked me around the room, laughing all the while as I cried and laughed simultaneously.  We got a little glimpse of what our 90 year old selves will be like.  I've already declared that I'm going first.  This has happened a few times in our marriage (me laughing and crying at the same time) and I'm convinced Braedon looks forward to these moments of delirium I sometimes get.

^^ You can find me on the couch ^^
So what's your week been like??

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Impromptu Date Night

Friday night is our usual night out on the town- just me and the hubs.  Last weekend we were kind of running out of ideas for what to do.  We had a gift card to the gateway that Braedon found from when he was fifteen- get this- it still worked!  We knew we'd already started the night off right.  We headed to Happy Sumo for dinner and filled up on sushi and miso soup.  As we were leaving we heard some live music coming from an Art Gallery nearby.  We wandered inside and discovered that they were having a contest between all these new artists and they invited us to cast our vote!  We had fun walking around and eating the (free) cookies provided at the event.  Why did we not know about this guys??  With City Creek being so awesome, we kinda forgot about the Gateway.  After the winner was chosen and they started speeches, we snuck out and headed to barnes and noble.  It's sort of a problem- I could spend days in there!  And also a lot of money.  While we were walking back to our car we stopped at a gum ball station and laughed our heads off trying the most outrageous flavors of gum.  Plus Braedon almost chipped his tooth. 

^^ Five gumballs later... ^^
Finally, we noticed this drink/candy shop on our way out and headed in to purchase a little dessert (I guess you could say I have a sweet tooth -_-).  Little did we know we had hit the jackpot!  This place had over 500 different flavors of sodas, and 
tons of old school/ new school (?) candy!  We left with some spearmint flavored root beer and vintage squirt + sour spaghetti (and a layer of fuzz on our teeth).  I was a happy girl (besides the sugar fuzz).  

^^ Anybody up for some sweet corn & bacon soda?? ^^

What we thought was going to be an ordinary night turned out to be just the opposite!  I love my spontaneous, up-for-anything husband.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weekend: According to My iPhone

Monday's are hard which is why I'd like to just reminisce on our perfect weekend...

I had Friday off work so we kicked off the weekend with some golfing.  Braedon had been begging me to go for a while and I finally gave's safe to say I could use a few lessons.  Maybe next time I'll just drive the cart and bask in the sunlight? (Don't think Braedon will allow it but it's worth a try). I'd actually really love to be a great golfer someday...

My Dad gave us some words of wisdom after we golfed.  He said, "It's not about how you play, it's about how you look".  So here's my thought... if Braedon wants me to make golfing with him a regular activity, I should at least indulge in a legitimate golf outfit right??

Friday night we spent the evening at my mom's while my musically talented siblings + Braedon put together a nice song to perform at my Grandpa's brother's funeral.  I tell ya I really missed the boat on the whole musical thing.  I was on Caden duty while they practiced and didn't mind one bit! 

After they finished practicing the boys played a little Fifa and then we saw the new Spiderman movie with my parents!  We ate ourselves sick with popcorn and treats.  It's all about the treats. 

^^ Look at that focus ^^
My cousin Morgan and I decided recently that we'd like to learn how to sew.  You know, to be domestic and all.  So, Saturday afternoon was spent getting a basic sewing lesson from my amazing sewer of a Grandma, and then Morgan chopped my hair off!  My Grandpa Nate kept telling us to post a picture of my hair in foils on instagram and title it, "New Hair-Do". Yes, my grandparents use instagram.  

^^ "New Hair-Do" ^^

^^ Hit up my cousin for a hair/eyelash appointment! She rocks ^^
Saturday night we went to this amazing Mexican restaurant called Taqueria 27- we'll definitely be visiting again soon.  Bonus- it's in walking distance from our apartment.  They served us the most amazing guacamole w/ warm chips and our tacos were delectable.  I love Holladay.  

After church Sunday we had dinner with the Aiken clan, went on a Sunday drive, and watched a few episodes of Prison Break. It was the perfect weekend- I'm already looking forward to the next!