Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm Back

Mother's Day 2016

^^ this boy gives the best snuggles and kisses ^^

My husband is so hot haha

It's been a while since I've blogged!  After having Tally and all of the craziness of becoming a mom I kind of felt like I lost my voice for a while, other than monthly updates about Tally.  While I know I'm pretty irrelevant in the blogging world I still love having a place to gather my thoughts and journal about our family.  I have lots of "private posts" that won't ever be posted but that I love to re-read and add to them.  I know I should probably hand-write them but typing is just so much faster!

For a while it honestly felt like life was swallowing me whole.  I was having a hard time getting used to my "postpartum" body, couldn't seem to keep my house clean, and was just in kind of a slump for a bit.  I made a goal at the beginning of the year to finally actually complete the Kayla Itsines guides and I'm proud to say I did it!!  I noticed that other parts of my life that needed improving started to change as well.  On days that I worked out I had more energy, and I was happier to get housework done.  I also found that I was growing spiritually- I was taking care of myself and felt like I had more time to read my scriptures and ponder.  I got into a good routine-workout in the morning, then read scriptures and have "me time" during Tally's morning nap.  It's still a habit that I have to work on EVERY day.  Some days I love working out, but most days it's an internal struggle haha.  I also have the biggest sweet tooth alive, and probably always will, but I'm kind of ok with it.  Like I've just come to terms with it now, you know?  I'm going to have my cake and eat it too.  Well mostly just the frosting.  I love frosting.

Ok! lots of rants going on.  Update on our family...

Braedon: Mr. Smarty pants graduated, on the deans' list, and has accepted an offer from George Washington University Medical School.  We will be making the big move to DC this summer!  I have lots of feelings about this, mostly excitement and nerves.  I've been trying to pack a few boxes in my spare time and have found that Tally is packing too-so far I've found a few legos, a binky, and a ball in one of my boxes ;) I also found a separate box that contained one of each of my shoes ;)

Me: Still working as a nurse at St. Mark's in the nursery,  but I only have a couple shifts left.  It's a bittersweet end- I love, LOVE, my job but I love being a mom more.  It'll be interesting to see where my nursing career takes me in DC. Right now I'm just focused on being a mom and a wife. I also just started my second round of Kayla and I'm trying not to think too hard about moving.  I've read about 5 books in the past month, it's been a good distraction!  I've LOVED The Nightingale and Me Before You.  I also enjoyed Big Little Lies, and the Hypnotists Love Story.

Tally:  Running EVERYWHERE, repeating words, and getting smarter by the minute.  He's got such a personality.  One minute he's doing something naughty and the next minute he's up in my face giving me kisses or snuggling me.  I can't help but laugh at everything he does.  He's super into "organizing" right now.  He'll grab random household items; lotion, legos, cars etc. and just line them up on my book shelf.  Then he moves them up and down on the shelves and just gets super concentrated.  It's so cute.  He loves playing with cars and balls, and "dances" to music.  He is honestly such a light in our lives,  I love him more than words. He has been teething the past few days and has basically had a fever the whole time and it just breaks my heart.  I love the extra snuggling but hate that he is in so much pain.

We are honestly just loving our simple life right now.  Yes, we have trials, but we try to just be grateful for them because they make us who we are.  We feel super close as our little family of three, and I'm so lucky to have such a patient and considerate husband.  We are doing our best to save money (I'm not super helpful, sorry babe) and just prepare for this next HUGE adventure. We have lots of great memories to make ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Noodle and Boo

^^This is Tally's face when his teeth hurt, his little lips all pursed! So sad.^^

^^ K side note, please excuse our disgusting grout!  I have seriously tried everything to get that to go away, I guess it's just one of the joys of apartment living.  Suggestions more than welcome. ^^

^^ Who could stay mad at that face?? ^^
Monday morning was such a "Monday".  I went to change Tally's diaper and low and behold he had his first big blowout for me (thanking my lucky stars we made it this far)!  You guys, it was up to his SHOULDERS!  I wanted to cry haha.  The worst part about it is Tally has gotten so busy and thinks it's hilarious to flip over and crawl away while I'm changing his diaper....SO not cool with poop all over his little bum!  haha!  Needless to say, we went straight for the bath.  I was especially annoyed because I had been feeling ambitious and I had us both all ready for the day before 10am and had planned to go to the grocery store!  However, one thing you learn to do as a mother is just roll with the punches!  I let Tally play in the bath for a bit, lathered him up with lotion, called up my girlfriends and we had an impromptu lunch date.  Much better than errand running!  Plus it ended up snowing so I was kind of super glad I wasn't hauling grocery bags out to my car.    

This little mishap also gave us a great excuse to try out the bubble bath and hair/body-wash from Noodle & Boo.  When they reached out to me to review some of their products I may or may not have squealed! If I've ever talked to you about baby products then you probably know how much I LOVE their lotion.  It smells heavenly (seriously everyone tells me Tally smells so good), it doesn't dry out their skin, and it lasts FOREVER!  We use a different brand for the newborns at the hospital and I have to say it just doesn't cut it for me.  It makes my skin (and I think the baby's skin) super dry! I don't mind your typical baby wash for a day to day basis but after trying the bubble bath and hair/body-wash from Noodle & Boo I think I might be converted.  Especially as we move into winter.  I'm already noticing random dry spots on Tally and I think he needs a body wash that is more moisturizing and sensitive on his soft skin.   

I've also tried the reed diffuser and I love how subtle it is.  I keep it in the nursery and it just makes it smell fresh and I don't know... baby-ish??  You know what I mean.  Just that heavenly newborn scent.  Anyways, I was talking with my girlfriend and we both agreed that the Noodle & Boo lotion (or any other product for that matter) makes such a great baby shower gift.  It pairs so cute with one of those adorable animal hood newborn towels, or bath toys!  Or I mean...just buy it for yourself cause it is seriously THAT good.