Wednesday, August 10, 2016


^^ Just blowing kisses ^^

Ok so Tally has started this new thing that completely MELTS my heart!  He will wrap his arms around my head or grab my face and just pull me in for a big hug or kiss.  It's something he only does with me right now and we never "taught" him how to do it so it makes it that much more endearing.  

Leesburg is one of the areas in Virginia that Kelly and Elise were SO excited to take us.  They loved to take little day trips to Leesburg back when they lived here and just tinker around in the antique shops- which is exactly what we did!  It was such a cute little area with a small town-colonial feel.  We had street tacos at Señor Ramon that rocked my world and then we went through a couple of antique shops.  I have to say, it's not 100% my "thing".  I definitely enjoyed it and it's cool to see though.  Everything reminded my of my Grandma Nana's house- especially the dishes!  I was having flashbacks of staying at her house for sleepovers when my brother and I were little.  

That night we drove through Embassy Row and ended our night in Georgetown.  Georgetown is SO fun at night!  We walked by the water, had dinner, and then just enjoyed window shopping.  Can't wait to go back.