Saturday, November 5, 2016

Catch Up

I started this post two months ago. TWO MONTHS AGO!  So you'll just have to laugh when you read my "goal" below.  At least my intentions were there! haha!
Lately I feel like I am always playing catch up on this little online journal of mine!  We are making so many memories and Tally is doing and saying the funniest things, and I just don't want to forget any of it.  My new goal is to try to blog weekly.  Hopefully these memories can be shared with my kids as they get older, and it will be something Braedon and I will enjoy looking back on.  

Toddlers, man!  They are hilarious.  They try you in every way imaginable.  They test your patience, they push buttons, they throw tantrums that make you want to pretend they aren't yours....(wait, is that just me???).  BUT, they are SO FUN.  At least I think so.  Tally 100% makes up for any of his "bad days" through all of the incredibly SWEET things he does.  He has me laughing one minute, and my heart melting the next.  

This morning he squeezed one of those food pouches so hard that half of it squirted out onto his outfit and was then stomped into my carpet.  Somehow he got ahold of a crayon and drew blue "art" on my kitchen tile.  The lasagna that he LOVED last night was served for lunch and thrown straight to the floor, then rubbed into his freshly washed hair.  But when I laid him down for his nap he snuggled right into me, gave me a kiss, and then started tickling my arm while whispering "soooooft".  And suddenly I'm not mad anymore.  Suddenly all of those "bad things" are just good stories, and someday, I'm sure, funny memories.  And now an iPhone photo dump for your viewing pleasure...

^^ Probably one of my favorite Tally photos ^^
When we ask Tally where his nose is, he immediately does this! haha! Picks his nose! Such a boy. And he says, "doooon't" while doing it because he knows that's exactly what we will say!  

I have a feeling we will look back on this photo someday of Braedon in his white coat and Tally's little smile and it will make us so happy.  Cutest duo ever.  

^^ The National Zoo ^^

And I really have nothing else to write cause it feels like these photos were foreverrrr ago haha.