Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Sunday in VA + Natural History Museum

We took this using our self timer after church to document our first home cooked meal in our new place.  My mom was so sweet to teach me how to make one Braedon's favorite dinner of hers- roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots and rolls!  I can't believe I had never attempted it in our (almost) 4 years of marriage.  I think I was just way too intimidated by my mom's cooking!  My mom even went out and bought me the right pan to use because she wouldn't allow me to have my roast be "sub-par" under her watch haha!  It turned out perfect and it was so wonderful to come home to dinner ready-especially since now we have 3 o'clock church.  It's a tradition for me to make something "new" in every new place we live for our first home-cooked meal, so far the tradition lives on!  

Also, as a side note I'm slightly embarrassed that I wore the same dress for my last Sunday in UT and first Sunday in VA...however it's one of my only dresses that doesn't wrinkle so....give a sister a break! haha

Braedon is still working from home until school starts but since we are two hours ahead we decided to sneak out in the morning and go to the Natural History Museum.  Tally was honestly EATING IT UP.  He was in Heaven!  He was "ooo-ing and ahhh-ing" and gasping at everything.  He kept laughing and pointing and growling and just about every excited sound you could make!  It made the experience a thousand times better.  This place was honestly incredible though, I was having a blast myself!  I loved the mummy and bone exhibit.  Maybe someday I'll have to go during Tally's nap time so I can actually sit and read about each presentation haha.  

These pictures are blurry because I took them from my snapchat video but I had to document them so you could see his face at the museum.  In this photo he was looking at a bear.  He was so impressed with it!  He was laughing, and pointing and growling (like a bear) haha.  

I seriously don't know why he thought this was so amazing but I sure loved watching his expressions!  We will most definitely be making lots of trips back.  We wanted to go into the butterfly exhibit but decided to pass because you have to pay for a ticket-however apparently it's free on Tuesday's so you better believe we will be back there first thing on a Tuesday!  I'm kind of jealous at all of the fun stuff Tally will get to experience here in DC as a kid.  I'm not sure if he'll remember a lot of it but I'll definitely be taking lots of videos and pictures to show him when he gets older!