Friday, July 15, 2016

I Don't Want To Forget

My boys at the National Air and Space museum.  

Tally's favorite dinner. Tilapia, and all of the best parts of my salad (raspberries, strawberries, avocado).  He is the healthiest eater and honestly doesn't like most "kid food".  

Still getting used to my gas oven- luckily we just shaved off the ends and this banana bread was HEAVENLY!  Tally loved it too so I am calling it a win because I am always looking for ways to fatten my little string bean up! 

More of the Air and Space Museum.  Tally loved the kid areas where he could interactively play.  I loved the world war II exhibits and especially the wax figures of the pilots in all of their flight gear- totally made me tear up.  

"Noooooo, I don't want to leave the pool!!"

Totally blurry, but this was one of my favorites on the "space" side.  

There are SO many things I don't want to forget right now.  

...I don't want to forget how Tally started saying "amen" after each prayer this week

...I don't want to forget how Tally started singing along to "Rio" and sings, "eeeeoooo, eeeeeeooo" instead of "Riiiiooo, riiiooo" during the opening and closing songs

...I don't want to forget all of Tally's words right now...
-da-ee (daddy)
-what's that?
-"ka-ka" (as in gross haha)
(all those "b" words sound basically the same haha)
-choo choo
-what doin?
-where going?
-uh oh
....aaand a whole bunch of gibberish

...I don't want to forget how Tally "reads", and talks to himself all day in his own language

...I don't want to forget Tally's favorite foods: tilapia and raspberries 

..I don't want to forget how Tally doesn't like normal kid food like chicken nuggets and pb & j's

...I don't want to forget his face after going down the "big" slide today like a "big" kid, and how he smiled and said, "again!"

...I don't want to forget how much he loves others kids, especially when he finds one about his same size haha

..I don't want to forget making dinner last night. I was frustrated because Tally was being SO needy.  But then I realized he probably thought I was "playing" without him (I guess making dinner could look fun to a 17 month old??).  So I lifted him up, placed him on the counter and showed him what I was doing.  I gave him a spoon and he helped me "cut" the cucumbers and avocado.  I helped him while I browned the meat for our tacos and he rested his head on my shoulder and snuggled me while I cooked, almost like he was saying "thanks for including me mom!" After dinner he "helped" me wash the dishes.  I gave him a mini scrub brush and he started scrubbing the dish I was cleaning....and then immediately after started brushing his hair with it!!  haha I told him he looked handsome, and then we went to the pool for a night swim before bath-time and jammies.  It was such a perfect evening.  

...I don't want to forget what our life is like right now.  Braedon is busy trying to provide for our family.  I am busy trying to take care of our home and Tally.  I always either have food or something sticky on me, or my hair isn't washed. I am always cleaning up messes, and I get the sweetest kisses and snuggles from Tally regularly.  We are always looking for ways to save money, and have date nights that Tally will enjoy too.  We are so blessed, and I am lucky to live a life with these incredible boys.