Friday, July 29, 2016

Typical Evening

This has got to be my FAVORITE picture of Tally and Braedon right now.  It captures him perfectly.  We have been making nightly trips to the pool just before bedtime to wear Tally out and it has been so fun.  Braedon usually swims a few laps while Tally and I practice him jumping to me in the pool, and then Braedon joins us and we all play for a bit.  

Then, usually Braedon puts Tally down for bed while I go to the gym at our condo.  When I get back we've been working on painting furniture, catching up on The Bachelorette or we watch a few episodes of The Office haha. I've been trying to really take advantage of this time I have with Braedon because I know once school starts our little "routine" will be much different!