Friday, July 29, 2016

Trip Back To Utah

Last week we got to travel back to Utah (still feels weird saying that) for a quick weekend trip so we could attend my sister Emily's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for her and Josh and the kids!  Everything turned out perfectly.  

The night before the wedding my brother and his band put on a backyard concert, which was so fun!  They are actually really good and Tally loved the music!  He was asleep when we got there (still on VA time) but woke up once they started playing.  It was hilarious because he woke up saying "woooahhhhh! oooooh!" and just got right into listening to the concert!  

We also hiked bells canyon up to the waterfall while my parents watched Tally.  I always forget how steep that hike gets at the end right before you get to the waterfall!  It's killer but was totally worth it.  

We had so much fun having everyone together.  It was a madhouse at my mom's- we all stayed there so kids were just running everywhere!  Tally was in heaven playing with all of his cousins.  We also got to get together with the Murdock's for Sunday dinner and did fireworks after for the 24th.  And of course, we had to do a girls lunch before our flight left on Monday!  It was such a treat because we were ALL there, which rarely happens these days!  Needless to say, by the time we boarded the plane Monday night we were ALL exhausted.  We had been partying all weekend long.  Tally actually fell asleep before the plane even took off haha.  But he woke up about halfway through and we spent the rest of the flight watching movies on the iPad and looking out the window.  Tally thought it was the coolest thing to open and close the shade.  

We are back and settled in Virginia and can't wait for the Murdock's to come visit us next week!