Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gravelly Point

Every morning Tally and I go out to water the flowers. He recently learned how to "smell" them, which is what he is doing in this picture! 

^^ all piled up to watch a movie ^^

^^ the view from our balcony after the thunderstorm this weekend ^^

Yes, my eyes are 100% half open in this photo but the scenery was too pretty to leave it out!

This weekend was so ordinary, but there was just something so special about it.  Braedon and I had multiple "moments" over the weekend that we would look over at each other and smile-we both knew we were thinking the same thing-we didn't ever want to forget the sweet moments we had been experiencing.  

Friday is and has always been our "date night", ever since Braedon and I met.  That was something that really made him stand out to me-he ALWAYS made sure we went on a weekly date.  This week he planned a trip to "The Italian Store" in Arlington for dinner and then Gravelly Point to watch the airplanes take off at the Reagan Airport.  The drive into Arlington was BEAUTIFUL!  I wish I had gotten pictures, but I was honestly too distracted with the scenery.  We drove through winding roads with magnificent trees on either side reaching up to the skyline, under beautiful bridges, past the Potomac, and as we like to call it "Hogwarts" off into the distance haha (which was really just the cathedral in downtown DC).  From where we were driving it honestly looked like Hogwarts!  Especially because there were so many trees and the Potomac surrounding us.  It was pun intended.  

Braedon kept forgetting the name of Gravelly Point and kept calling it, "the gravel pit", so one thing led to another and it will forever be known to us as, "Gravelly Armpits".  Probably one of those inside jokes know that no one else will think is as funny as we do.  

Tally loved watching the planes and his reaction to the first plane was PRICELESS.  He got so excited, and just "ooohhhhh-ed!" and giggled.  It was so pretty because they take off right over the river.  

Saturday morning Braedon left early to play soccer with our ward so Tally and I snuggled and watched some cartoons in the morning.  Then the three of us headed to the park to wear Tally out a bit before nap time.  The last picture is just a little walkway that they have near the park.  Braedon and I even got a little nap in while Tally was napping and it was heavenly!  After that we headed to Walmart for some groceries.  When we got home I started making dinner and Braedon and Tally headed into the extra bedroom/playroom to play with Tally's train set.  I could hear them giggling and  then Braedon pulled out his guitar and I could hear him singing to Tal.  By this time there was an incredible thunderstorm going on outside, so I cracked open our sliding glass door to our balcony and made chocolate chip cookies.  I was definitely in my happy place!  I had my boys happily playing down the hall, a thunderstorm outside, dinner in the oven, and cookies baking.  

After dinner the three of us piled onto the couch and watched a movie.  It was honestly such a perfect day, and I couldn't help but just grateful for all that we have been blessed with.  Our move out here has gone so smoothly, and while we aren't without challenges we recognize the many tender mercies we've been blessed with to make this transition easier.