Friday, July 29, 2016

Date Night in Old Town

Lately Tally has been giving his kisses out like candy and I'm so glad Braedon caught it on camera!  In the mornings I sit him on the kitchen table and we usually share yogurt or cereal or whatever and after EVERY bite he leans in and gives me a kiss.  I don't even care that his face has food all over it, it's the sweetest thing.  

This picture is super grainy but we stumbled across this beautiful garden and couldn't not get a picture!  

Old Town Alexandria has been one of our very favorite places to go so far because it is so close to us and there is so much to see.  I love the cobblestone streets, the little shops, ice cream parlors, hundreds of places to eat and being able to walk down to the Potomac and watch the boats or feed the ducks.  It is seriously SO pretty.  

For our date night we decided we'd just pick a place to eat once we got there and we had plenty of options.  We went with a pizza parlor and had a relatively good experience considering we were cutting it close to Tally's bedtime! (Still haven't found a sitter we feel comfortable with).  Our waiter was SUPER busy and took FOREVER to get us our check and at this point Tally had had enough!!  He was being crazy so I grabbed him and the diaper bag and we started heading out to walk the shops while Braedon took care of the bill.  This cute older mom saw me on our way out and smiled at me. She gave me that look like, "I've been there, you're doing just fine".  It was so nice of her and I love it when other moms just give you that look like they "know'.  

Of course once we left the pizza parlor Tally was as happy as a clam.  He loved running around the fountains and there was this little stage in the back that he got up on and started performing for us haha.  He was just dancing and being so silly.  It was such a beautiful evening and Braedon and I had planned to go walk by the Potomac but forgot that we had only paid for two hours of parking so we had to leave (one of the bummers of living here, parking is terrible).  But it was still such a fun date night.  When we got home we put Tally to bed and then we had popcorn and brownie brittle and played cards.  We definitely count down the days of the week until date night comes around!