Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Week Of Med School

We had Braedon's family in town last week and I was so sad after we dropped them off at the airport!  Sunday night was emotional for me thinking about Braedon starting school and being gone all of the time.  I felt like I was just getting left behind a little and kind of jealous that Braedon was starting school.  Luckily I'm married to the most amazing guy out there, who offered to give me a priesthood blessing and it was exactly what I needed.  We took the evening to just enjoy time together and we talked about all of the (many) blessings we've been given and the great opportunity we have to be here in DC.  We are both just ready to get into a new groove, make new friends, and explore all that this amazing city has to offer!

I can't say I'm not nervous, or that I know I'm going to love it all of the time.  I already miss my family so much, and wish I could go to lunch with my girlfriends.  But I am SO grateful for FaceTime and phone calls!! I'm typically pretty shy at first so I'm doing my best to be more outgoing and make new friends here since I really can't count on Braedon to be able to do much with me. 

I was having a hard day today and my cute Tally boy must have sensed it because he climbed right into my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck for hug.  Then he gave me a kiss right smack on my lips!  Talk about melt my heart.  After that we sat in the playroom on the mattress and read books for 30 minutes or so.  He kept pointing to the bookshelf and showing me which book he wanted to read next.  He has never been super into reading so it was honestly such a treat and I loved seeing his reactions to all of the new pages and hearing him repeat all of the animal noises I was making.  Talk about MELT MY HEART.  My mother in law and I were talking about him and we both just agreed that there is something so SPECIAL about Tally.  He can truly make almost anyone smile!  It is rare to not get a smile out of the cashier whenever we go to the grocery store.  

Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent Tally to us.  If anything else, I know I've got my little side kick to experience DC with me- and he makes everything WAY more exciting.  I love getting to see the world through his eyes!

^^ Just doing his "wink-y" face ^^