Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tally's E I G H T M O N T H update

On the move to get whatever Mom is holding!  

Seriously, pictures are gonna get hard from here on out.  This kid is go-go-go!

Love it when he looks up at me.  

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still size 3 diapers, and in 9-12 month clothing.  Still not sure of his weight right now because we don't see the pediatrician until he's 9 months!

Eyes: My blue eyed boy! We got Tally's glasses and haven't been seeing much of an improvement.  We see another specialist in December to get a second opinion and we'll go from there!  He has really great days and other days that are not so great.

Hair:  Some pictures it looks blonde and some it looks more strawberry!

Sleeping: We are still getting up at night but naps (at least lately) have been SO much better.  He's finally starting to be able to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of a nap.   

Eating: Breastfeeding and also eating solids.  More recently he has loved trying whatever I am eating and gets mad if I don't share.  We went to Costco and he kept protesting when I wouldn't give him part of my samples!  He is a social eater and wants to eat when he see's that's what others are doing.  

-Crawling (we now make pillow barriers in our living room so he can't get too far haha)
-Shakes his head "no-no"
-Waves "bye-bye"
-Claps his hands
-Has a teeny tiny toof poking through!  It's his top fang.  Just in time for Halloween!

-Everything is the same from last month!

-Getting cleaned up after he eats

This was a big milestone month for Tally!  Teething was especially hard, on pretty much everyone in the family!  I was beginning to think he was never gonna get teeth.  He has also started crawling, luckily not super fast yet but I'm sure any day now I'll be chasing him down!  He is really good at imitating and it was so fun to teach him to wave "bye-bye".

Over fall break we took him swimming and he was in heaven.  He was squealing the whole time and loved splashing his hands in the water.  We also took him for a hike and he giggled and babbled the whole way!  He loves to be out doing things.  Tally also loves other kids.  He could sit and watch his nephews play with cars all day.

We always thought Tally might be a sleep "walker/talker" and our suspicions were confirmed this month! My mom watched him while we went to Fright-mares and she said he totally sleep "walked".  He also giggles in his sleep (he has done this since he was a newborn) and it's kind of my favorite thing.  Braedon was a really bad sleep walker and we both talk in our sleep.  I also giggle in my sleep, so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

I had my first "super-mom" moment.  We used to just feed Tally in his bumbo on the kitchen table.  I was feeding him and had him sitting right in front of me.  I turned my head for seriously one second and he had arched his back (trying to get out of the sit) and totally flipped out, heading for the ground!  I seriously felt like spider-man and caught him mid fall!  It scared us both.  I drove to IKEA that day and bought him a high chair!

This stage is so fun.  Tally loves to hear his voice and is usually making cave-man or monkey noises. I can't wait till he finally says "mamma!"  We love this little guy and are so blessed to have his happy spirit in our home!