Friday, April 24, 2015

Talmage // Two Months

Yes, I do realize that those last three pictures were basically the same but I just couldn't decide ok??

My baby is two months!  I'm not sure his stats yet but we'll be seeing the pediatrician next week for his two month appointment...and shots :(.  So not excited for that.  I tell ya, it's true what they say- it's SO much different when it's your own child!  I mean, giving babies shots is not my most favorite part of being a nurse and it doesn't exactly get easier but you do get used to it! 

Tally is wearing size 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers- however I'm not sure if he'll last much longer!  

Talmage just gets sweeter as time goes on.  He's so curious and SO strong!  He actually started rolling over from his belly to his back the day after he turned four weeks.  His latest thing is wanting stand on my lap and sit like a big boy.  I think I've got a busy body on my hands!  This kid just might run before he walks.  Tally is SO over hats, getting the hiccups, and having his feet tickled (can't exactly blame him but I'm still working on the hat thing- what's cuter than a litter stinker in a beanie??).   

Tal still LOVES baths, music, and snuggling.  He is smiling but not quite in response to us yet- I can't wait till that happens!  Yesterday I was pretty sure he smiled at me after I did something funny and my heart almost stopped it was so adorable.  

Talmage is starting to figure out that sleeping is cool and on a good night he'll give me seven hours!  He's still trying to figure out naps though.  During the day he'll nap for about 30-40 minutes and then wakes up fussy and it's a bit of a fight to get him to go back down.  Any other mamma's have this problem??  He sleeps great on the go, in the carseat, and in his swing but has a hard time in his crib.  We switched out his bassinet to a pack n play last night and I'm hoping that'll solve my problem!  I think he's gotten used to the feeling of being cradled and not lying totally flat. (The bassinet we use is curved, and yes, he is still in our room haha- not sure when he'll "graduate" yet).  

Talmage's cheeks have officially taken over his face.  I think he's storing chestnuts for winter! Also, I'm betting he's gonna have blue eyes like his daddy.  So far, he looks just like Braedon.  Nicknames so far include: Tally (tally boy, tally man), Tal, T.K., froggie, grinnie kid, and hungry chicken (those last three are just from Braedon and I haha).  To say we love this kid would be an understatement.  He has brought such a light and happiness into our home!  We feel so blessed to be his parents and grateful for all of the wonderful support we have around us.