Monday, May 18, 2015

Breastfeeding + Cover Me Ponchos

There were a lot of different things I would worry about before I became a mom, and breastfeeding was definitely at the top of that list!  I was so anxious about keeping up a good milk supply, knowing when and how much (and how to!) pump, returning to work and continuing breastfeeding, and I was especially anxious about breastfeeding in public.  Many of you may hate me for saying this but nursing (luckily) came pretty easily for Talmage and I- other than the first week when I was dealing with engorgement, being sore, leaking, and all the hilarious things that can go along with that!  Nursing has been quite an adjustment- just like motherhood is- but I try not to complain about it because I'm so grateful for the bond I feel when Talmage and I sit down to nurse.  Sometimes I think I need the break just as much as he does. 

The biggest challenge with nursing for me has been getting used to nursing on the go!  Honestly, nursing in public still makes me SO nervous!  However, having a great nursing cover has helped ease that anxiety.  I love my Cover Me Poncho because not only is it functional, it's dang cute. 

Tally gets easily distracted with new sounds and having a cover to block out all of the distractions has been so helpful to keep him focused!  The first time I needed to nurse him outside of our home we were at Market Street Grill.  I didn't have a cover so I headed down to the restroom hoping there would be a chair or a couch or something so I wouldn't have to sit on the toilet!  Luckily there was a chair in the bathroom but it was literally right in front of the door- so anyone walking in (or walking by!) the restroom had full access to my lady parts! ha!  Probably a suprising view for the 90 yr. woman who walked in. There have also been many times where I've needed to nurse Talmage in the car and have only had a swaddling blanket to cover up.  It's always slipping down or Braedon is awkwardly trying to hold it up for me.  I love the Cover Me poncho because not only does it cover my front- it covers my back too.  This way I don't have to worry about only wearing a button up shirt-I can nurse comfortably without worrying that my stomach or back is showing.  I also love the wide neck so that I can easily peak in and readjust my babe if I need to.  Honestly, I'm still getting the hang of nursing in public- it definitley makes me nervous- but knowing I have the right cover makes it so much easier, even if I still feel like I need to nurse Tal in a separate room!

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