Sunday, December 14, 2014

BUMPDATE // 28 weeks

Sorry for the ghetto bathroom selfie.  I promised myself I would never do one of these.  And here I am.  Yikes.  

How Far Along: 28 weeks

Weight Gain: about 15 lbs.  I wasn't exactly at my "skinniest" when I got pregnant so it feels like 30 lbs but think of all the muscle I'm building by carrying around that extra weight right?? ;) (hope you know I'm actually joking)

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely pants, unless I'm wearing leggings or using my belly band.  It's hilarious but it holds my pants up so I won't complain!  

Sleep: they say third trimester your fatigue can come back with a vengeance.  Unfortunately, I'm afraid I've been cursed w/ a case of the tired's again.  I thought it was over after the first trimester!  AT first I thought maybe I was just anemic because I've been craving ice, super pale, and always tired. However, I've been trying to get more iron in my diet and still no big changes have been noted :(

Best moment this week: Friday night Braedon and I had a date night at home because he was finishing a paper for school (life of a pre-med wife I tell ya).   Once he finished he was playing the ukelele and we were just laying on the couch.  I lifted up my shirt so we could see my belly and boy was he wiggling in there!!  He reached all the way up to my ribs and it literally took my breath away.  

Weird pregnancy moment: Charlie horses- every night.  If I stretch out and flex my calf too hard while I'm sleeping I can feel one coming on.  However, after a night shift I almost ALWAYS get one the next day while I'm sleeping.  So bad that I wake up yelling.  It's embarrassing.  I didn't know Braedon was home one of these days (I am THAT dead to the world after a night shift), and woke up screaming with a charlie horse.  He came running in the room in a panic because he thought I had gone into labor!!  Sort of hilarious.  Once he realized it was just a charlie horse he was quite relieved!  I have a good husband guys.  He sat and massaged my legs after that for a solid half hour.   

Movement: This baby loves to shift around and curl up into my right side- it's actually made my belly button off center haha.  I can feel him ALL over my belly so it's hard to tell what's a hand or a foot.      

 Food Cravings: Honestly nothing really stands out to me as a "craving".  I think I just like my usuals which includes cereal and Chobani coconut yogurt.    

Anything making you queasy: No!  Thank goodness.  

Gender: BOY

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing a quilt I started on a whim- what was I thinking?? I can't sew a straight line to save my life and a big part of me is kind of dreading working on it again.  Small sewing projects are much more my style.