Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas 2014 + Ringing in the New Year

Braedon and I tried to really soak in the Holiday's this year as we realized it would be our "last" year just the two of us.  We were kind of giddy thinking about how different this next year is going to be and how many new memories we will get to make with our little man.  Having a baby is intimidating and exciting all at the same time.  It's a constant mix of emotions- how excited and happy we are, mixed with how inexperienced we feel!!  Am I ready to be a mom??  Is our life over?  Starting our family has felt so right, and I love the little moments of peace I feel that are surely coming from Heavenly Father.   

This year we did Christmas Eve with the Murdock's, and then split our time between families on Christmas day.  I had to work the night shift on Christmas so I had to sneak out on all of the fun a little early, but we made every moment leading up to work worth it!  

Tradition on Christmas Eve with the Murdock's includes dinner at Asian Star and "predictions".  The predictions are one of my most favorite traditions!  We predict things for each family member for the new year and wait until the next year to read them again.  Almost everyone predicted last year that we would have a baby announcement by this Christmas.  Looks like they were right!!  We had fun predicting things like the little man's actual birth date, his birth weight, features, etc.  Can't wait to see what "comes true"!  

Christmas morning at the Murdock's.  Elise surprised me with the sweetest charm necklace engraved with "mom".  

Don't mind our sleepy faces!!  Fun fact: Braedon and I have never been able to wait until Christmas day to open our gifts to each other.  This year Christmas came around December 7th for us!!  We have too much fun and get too excited to wait.  We just start giving gifts as soon as they arrive which makes it last a little longer I guess??  We'll see how that changes with a baby next year!

My parents spoiled us with lots of gifts for baby.  He is already so spoiled and so loved.  My cute grandma has already made him the cutest little receiving blanket with a matching burp cloth, and got started on the most beautiful blessing blanket that will be passed down.  

New Year's Eve we played games with the Murdock's, ate candy until we were sick, and toasted to the new year at midnight!  

Some highlights of 2014….

-Stef's new job at St. Mark's in the nursery

-A spontaneous girl's trip to visit Missy in Carlsbad

-Another trip to California with the whole Aiken clan

-Another few semesters under Braedon's belt ;)

-Braedon taking the MCAT

-Stef graduating with her bachelor's degree in Nursing

-Evan and Whitney getting engaged

-Visiting New York for our first time

-Moving into our new Apartment

-Teaching the 16 & 17 yr old's in Sunday School and slowly realizing each of them had added us on Instagram and Snapchat

-Braedon's new job with ID marketing

and last but not least…


need I say more??