Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DIY Headboard

With a LOT of help from my family, Braedon and I completed our first DIY project and it cost us almost exactly $100.  We actually had a lot of fun throughout the process and it definitely won't be our last!

^^ Most headboards I liked cost upwards of $500)

I got all of my inspiration and instruction from the design blogger withHEART. I would suggest heading on over there and watching her video if you're serious about making your own headboard! (Or you can just watch it below).  

Honestly, I watched the video about five times. Rather than me give step by step instructions- watch the video.  I'll just try to give a few tips but forgive me if I don't make any sense :/ 

Stuff you'll need:

3 yards of fabric *I spent about $30

2 bags of batting (we went with a less expensive kind and just folded the batting in half, plus doubled that) *If you check the JoAnn app you can probably find a coupon, with our coupon we spent $8 per bag

Upholstery nails (highly recommend the trim, found at JoAnn's in draper- the Brickyard one didn't carry them) *Also with a coupon, total was $15

Mallet or hammer (we liked the hammer better)

Staple gun


2x4's *Total for wood was just over $40

Some sort of saw



Here are a few tips that weren't included in the video:

-Measure a headboard size that you like and use those measurements for the plywood.  We went to Down East Home and found a king size headboard we liked.  You'll need the height of the the legs, just the height of the board (without the legs), and the width of the board.  

Ours measured like this: 
Total height: 57 inches
Height of board: 34 inches
Width of board: 82 inches
Length of 2x4 (legs): 57 inches
Length of center 2x4: (I think) somewhere around 76 inches.  Just subtract the width of the 2x4 so that you can drill the middle 2x4 to the legs.  

-Shop around for fabrics.  We went to JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Home Fabrics.  I found stuff that I liked at Hobby Lobby and Home Fabrics- JoAnn's had a terrible selection when we went and it was the most expensive (minus the batting and the upholstery nails). Home Fabrics is strictly upholstery fabric, plus it's a discount fabric store so we went with them!  I got my fabric for only 9.99/yard.

-If you want a cleaner look, you can fold your fabric in the back (sort of like a hem).  There is a picture below

-Use a hammer to make sure the staples are in really good, they had a hard time getting through the wood.

-Spend a lot of time on the corners.  We wrapped the legs in batting, and in fabric.  You could also opt to not wrap the legs and leave them bare or paint them!

-The upholstery trim saved the day.  We found it in gold, more of a coppery color (what we used) and silver.  If you're wanting something different I would suggest buying the color closest and then spray painting the trim.

Now for the picture overload cause we have to document these things....

^^ So grateful for these two VERY handy men! ^^

^^ The girls steamed the fabric ^^

^^ While the boys dealt with the wood ^^

All that was left after this point was attaching the plywood to the 2X4's.  Once this was done we brought the whole thing inside and laid down an old sheet to protect the carpet.  

^^ Stapling the first layer ^^

^^ Trimming the first layer (on the front of the board) ^^

^^ The second layer, stapled and trimmed to the back ^^

^^ Watch your fingers! ^^

^^ Here is the hem I was talking about earlier ^^

^^ Careful on the corners! ^^

^^ Makes for a clean finish ^^

The final part of the project was just attaching the upholstery nails.  The trim made it super easy, and it went by fast! 

^^ Is it straight?? ^^
The final product...

^^ He's cute and we're in love ^^

I decided to go with a pretty neutral headboard.  I figure we won't be updating our furniture until well after med-school and I'll need something versatile!  Yikes.  

Huge thanks to my hubby for being to patient with me, and also just willing to go for it!  It was kind of a big project for my very first DIY, but my family was supportive and I had so much help.  My mother in law Elise is pretty much a pro at these things and knew all the different stores to check out for picking our the supplies.  I'd say it was a success!  

Sorry for the novel, if you have any questions just comment below!