Thursday, April 10, 2014

Protein Waffles + A New Job

I have my sister, Emily, to thank for this great waffle recipe.  We had this for dinner the other night and I didn't even feel bad.  

Let's be honest, I wouldn't have felt bad even if was the "real thing".
But really, these were so yummy and actually pretty healthy.  

^^my mouth is watering^^

4 eggs
1 cup cottage cheese
1/2-1 cup of flour (I used about 3/4 cup)
I also added...
2 tablespoons of vanilla 
A few pinches of cinnamon

Throw it all in a blender and you've got your batter!  We used our waffle maker which made this easy peasy, but you could also just use the batter for pancakes.  

We made two batches and kept the leftover batter for the next morning....genius!  I was full for hours!  

So, I got a new job.

Let me say that again, I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!

It's been a long time coming guys.  A long time coming.  

Not that I don't love the job I have now, I'm pretty much obsessed with my patients.  It's actually kind of a bittersweet transition.  Especially since the whole first grade was lined up waiting to "race" with my patient during recess today.  You'd be surprised how fast those power chairs can go! They were even chanting his name cheering him on during each race. I wanted to cry it was so precious.  

Plus, he told me he wanted to listen to Taylor Swift during therapy today.  He pretended he didn't like the song, "We Are Never Getting Back Together", and then sang all the lyrics when he thought I wasn't looking.  

^^ All the kiddies lined up.  I told them they had to race two at a time ^^
So ya, it's definitely bittersweet.  

I'll be working full-time at the Reproductive Care Center in Sandy.  Pretty excited to do something totally different, and branch out!  I'll get to be trained in intrauterine insemination, ultra sounds, and assist with in-vitro.  Things we don't even learn to do in nursing school so I'm both excited and nervous.  

Also I'll be talking to adults so that might be weird.  I've gotten really used to turning treatments into a game, or singing/dancing my way through therapy.  I'm afraid I'll be starting an IV on an adult and tell them to put on their Vampire teeth and think bloody thoughts.... (it works guys).   

Feeling pretty blessed about this new adventure! My first 8-5 job....wish me luck!

^^  You're lookin at the newest impregrante-r of Sandy, Utah folks ^^
I'm not really sure if, "come visit me!" is appropriate here?

Thanks for reading!  Have an awesome weekend.