Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An Update

Stefani... working at the Reproductive Care Center and loving it frantically trying to put together our new apartment feeling the "domino effect" after re-doing our bathroom
...has started a new routine of watching Harry Potter after work while studying up on infertility almost finished with her Bachelor's degree
...plans to celebrate graduation by heading to Barnes and Noble and purchasing her very own copies of the Harry Potter books (and then read them all this summer) feeling puppy hungry   

Braedon... always studying
...has completed his volunteer work for U-fit on Friday nights (Stefani is really happy to resume the regular Friday night Date Night schedule)
...has been working in the genetics lab at the U and studying obesity going to continue volunteering for the program "Running Forward" as the site leader running his own Window Washing business, tutoring company, and working for a Marketing company 
...plays his guitar almost every night and serenades Stefani to sleep  
...still keeps up on talk radio and could tell you about almost every (good) video on youtube not feeling puppy hungry  (plus our apartment doesn't allow it. boo)

Braedon and Stefani...

...are addicted to Prison Break on Netflix
...are feeling sad that we have to be grownups this summer (Stefani is working full time and Braedon is preparing for the MCAT)
...are considering enrolling in some type of couples dance course- salsa, hip-hop, tango- we'll see
...are still having weekly date nights, arguing every once in a while, and are still in love.