Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday // Top 3 Appetizers

Super Bowl Sunday for me is all about the food.  After doing some extensive researching on Pinterest, I've compiled a list of some Super Bowl Sunday "food favorites".  I'm a sucker for the seven layer dip, and anything with avocado or melty cheese.  My mouth is watering!  I can't wait to get together with family, and see my cute nephews who are visiting from Jackson.  

This first link will take you to website with 15 different dips for chips.  This one looked the most delectable to me- cheesy artichoke dip.

This next link has 40 recipe ideas for the super bowl, from finger foods to the main course.  I love how creative each idea is, but mostly I was excited about the personal sized seven layer dip.  I'd probably need four of them for myself.  

Embarrassing confession: I love lil smokies. But, unfortunately, they are kind of reserved for game day parties.  Best part about these guys?  Three ingredients.  And really, what's more manly than lil smokies and meatballs?  

These would be my top 3 game day appetizers.  Mostly because they are easy, and each has such a different taste.  This year my family is actually thinking we'll get Asian Star takeout- I'm all for it!  Go Broncos!  (I only vote for them cause my cousins are from Colorado, and my brother named his lizard Bronco so I think my family will be cheering for them too. Really I don't care).