Saturday, July 2, 2016


I'm about four months late but I figured I'd better write down the details of Tally's first birthday before I totally forget! We had such a fun day.  Braedon made him pancakes for breakfast and after he got in a good nap we took him to the museum of natural curiosity.  It was fun, but more of a "big kid" place.  He loved playing in the play-place with all of the balls!  He doesn't quite understand sharing yet and kept walking over and trying to take balls out of other kids hands!  Super funny to watch.  That night we had family over for dessert and Tally's cake smash.  He was kind of a pill during his cake smash, he could see his cousins playing with his new toys and I think he just did NOT want to be in his high chair-he wanted to play!  But we got a few great pictures and videos.

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Still size 3 diapers, and in size 12-18 month clothing.  He was 19lbs (17%) and 31 inches (90%).  Just a string bean!

Eyes: Tally's intermittent exotropia has basically completely resolved which is pretty amazing.  We'll continue to watch it and see if it comes back.

Hair: Hair is strawberry blonde I guess? It's the exact same color as Braedon's was at his age! And I am obsessed with his curls.

Sleeping: Still sleeps through the night and takes two naps a day :)

Eating: He is starting to get a little pickier, and it has been a challenge.  He LOVES berries, especially raspberries.  He also loves yogurt, and tilapia.

-Says Mama, Dada, Hi, Ball, Dog, Uh-Oh, What's that?, Pretty, Nose, and lots of gibberish
-Can point to where his nose, hair, eyes, and belly button are
-Knows what the "monkey says" and what the "dog says" haha
-Says "No!" ALL the time haha (apparently we use that word a lot)

-Dogs, baths, swimming, books, eating, snuggling mama, being chased by dad, singing

-Still hates getting cleaned up after he eats! He throws a fit every time I wipe his face.  And like I mentioned earlier meal-time is messy so I'm ready for him to just accept that his face has to be wiped after we eat! haha