Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cali w/ friends

You know those people that you meet that will forever change your life?  Well I was lucky to meet 5 of them my freshman year of college.  I never really "clicked" with a group of girls until I met these incredible, genuinely kind, hilarious, cry-with-you, laugh-at-you, share every secret with kind of girls.  When I made the decision to live in an apartment with 5 other girls I was so nervous.  But it was honestly such a blessing from Heavenly Father, and I know without a doubt that we were meant to be life-long friends.  It was quite a unique trip from our usual girls vaca- because we decided to make it a party and bring our husbands and our babies.  We could not stop talking about how crazy it was that we have kids.  Like we are moms?? I honestly still feel like I'm 19, I am not old enough or responsible enough to be a mom??  Anyways, we had such a great time this trip.  We ate ourselves sick, spent time on the beach, played card games, and the girls snuck away one night to see "Me Before You" and we all bawled.  It was such a fun trip!

I can't get over how TALL he looks here!  He isn't a baby anymore :(

Literally ALWAYS on the move.  He loved watching the cars drive by.

What's better that a naked baby bum on the beach?? Nothing.  I'll save the bare bum pics for myself though ;)

Just missing a couple of the girls in this pic.  I think we might be legit laughing and not fake laughing? Who knows.  

The second half of the trip we got to stay with my sister Missy in Carlsbad.  We loved visiting them and seeing their kids!  They were sweet enough to babysit Tally while Braedon and I snuck off for a date night.  Lexi took her babysitting duties VERY seriously.  Both Colton and Lexi woke up at 5 am because they wanted to give us hugs before we left.  So adorable! 

This was honestly PURE HEAVEN.  We got super lucky and Tally took naps on the beach every time we went.  We'd play for a couple hours, stick him in his stroller and he'd nap for an hour or two while Braedon and I laid out and body surfed (mostly Braedon).  This day he napped on me and I was LOVING the snuggles.  

How cute are these two?? I seriously LOVE watching them play.  Braedon can't sit still at the beach or the pool so I get to get my relaxing in while he wears Tally out.  The thing is, Braedon genuinely has fun playing with the kids.  I'm seriously so lucky to have him.  

Gangs all here!! We are just missing Whitney's husband David who couldn't come because he is in med school.  Six years, two missions, four weddings and three kids later and we still know how to party!