Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Hot Chocolate Incident

After dinner one night I was craving a sweet treat- not so unusual for me.  I had just bought some Steven's Hot Cocoa Mix in Mint Truffle and was pretty excited to open up that baby and indulge!  A little scatterbrained, I almost poured the milk into the hot chocolate mix instead of my mug.  The next few seconds went like this...

Braedon: "What just happened?"
Stef: "I almost poured my milk into this! (grabs hot chocolate mix, holds high in the air celebrating my victory)
Braedon: blank stare
Stef: drops the hot chocolate mix and tries to recover, all the while spilling all over myself and the floor.  

Really the explanation doesn't do it justice, so for your viewing pleasure I've included some videos documenting what will now be known as, The Hot Chocolate Incident.  

And the clean-up.  What's sad is this sort of thing isn't so abnormal here at the Murdock's.  I am notoriously accident prone, hence the name of the blog, Pure Luck.  More on the name later.  Thanks for reading!

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