Friday, December 13, 2013

Girls Night- Aiken Style

My sister Missy is in town from California so we planned to have a fun girls night.  My cute niece Lexi (5) decided she should be invited too, since you know, "she is a girl too, and it's girls night out!".  It was so fun to have her along.  She literally skipped wherever we went; to get pedicures, to Tsunami, through Scheels, Target and Red Mango.  (Yeah, we know how to do girls night)

You just can't say no to that smile!  And yes, I'm riding in the cart.  When we got home we asked her if she thought girls night was fun or boring.  She mouthed "boring" to her mom but told us all she had actually mouthed "fun".  Girls nights used to be kind of boring for me too- there is a six year gap between me and the next sister so for a while I wasn't included in the "where do you grocery shop?" and other married life discussions.  I guess we'll see if Lex will want to tag along for the next one!  We weren't so great about taking pictures, but I had to include these few of " Lexi Melissa-wissa Dalby" at my wedding.  

I was once the princess of the family, but she's definitely taken over the title!  I love it when my favorite niece comes to visit!