Friday, December 27, 2013

Braedon's Birthday

Braedon kind of gets the short end of the stick because his birthday falls just a week before Christmas.  I had great plans to make it special.  We were going to go stay a night in Park City and swim in the Crater, but his birthday happened to also fall on the same day as that awful snowstorm.... so plans changed!  

We went out for Mexican food, and enjoyed Braedon's first real day off since his crazy semester.  It was the perfect day for cuddling, watching kung fu panda, playing Nertz, and not leaving the house.  

Braedon really has a hard time letting me spoil him. After I gave him his birthday present he came in with one of my Christmas presents.  Needless to say, we got a little excited about Christmas and kind of kept exchanging gifts....before we knew it we had pretty much celebrated Christmas five days early!  In a way it's become a tradition because we've celebrated Christmas early the past few years due to me being scheduled at the hospital.

Later that night we went over to my mom's to eat pizza and play games.  All Braedon wanted to play was monopoly!  He was dubbed the banker by our nephew Stillman because, "he was once a banker at the credit union".  Naturally.  We only had one dramatic episode (involving a money discrepancy) which is pretty good considering monopoly.  It can be a pretty emotional game.  "How would YOU feel if YOU were bankrupt??" (inside joke)

Time for the pictures...

Pretty excited about the guitar.  It's kind of the gift that keeps on giving cause I've been serenaded to sleep every night since he got it!

Taking his job as Banker very seriously.  "Ya sure you can purchase that and it'll be an extra ten dollars to the bank for interest".... (eh hem, cheater)

It was a fun birthday!  Braedon's parents spoiled us the next day and took us out to dinner.  Unfortunately, I was slacking on the picture taking.  

I'm so grateful for this hard working, babe of a husband! He is one of the most selfless, honest, and funniest people I know.  Grateful he always finds a way to make me feel special, even with his insane school schedule and all the hours he is putting in for pre-med.  Happy 24th sweetie!