Sunday, November 17, 2013

// Burnt Cookies //Redbox // 15 months

This weekend for date night Braedon and I decided to do the typical- dinner out and a redbox.  We headed to the store after we ate and picked up those ready to bake cookies, you know, the ones you just break off and eat..uhh I mean bake first.  Braedon and I battle it out each time we get a red box- we can usually agree on the movie but the wagers begin when we decide who has to actually get out of the toasty car and brave the bitter seconds minutes waiting for the movie to pop out.  Well, this time, I came out on top and happily waited in the car.  However, when Braedon climbed back inside he was wearing a mischievous grin...he proceeded to tell me he had signed me up for every single email offer, promotion, newsletter, you name it.  I woke up to this.

Can't wait to see how many more emails I'll get. Thanks babe- this means war.  In case you were wondering, we rented White House Down.  We weren't sure whether to laugh or to was painfully cheesy yet somehow still sort of good?  I don't know, maybe it was just Channing Tatum.  Oh, and yes, the "self proclaimed food blogger" burned the chocolate chip cookies.  I mean- who messes up store bought cookie dough cookies?  Believe me, it can be done.  Flat as can be and charred as ever.  I guess it just went right along with the theme of the night and only made the cheesy movie even funnier.  We just couldn't win.

mmm. crunchy.
Saturday we were asked to help out with a photography workshop put on by Jessica Janae and Jared Fadel.  Both of them were amazing, they make a great team and you guys should check them out- especially you love-birds looking for wedding photographers/videographers!  We are slowly getting back the pictures and it's been fun to see what each photographer shot.  Plus I didn't mind cuddling up to Braedon and acting all newly engaged again! We had so much fun, I'll keep posting pictures as we get them.

Photo Cred: Bryson Alley

Photo Cred: Angela Welch Young

It was raining/snowing during pictures so we were both pretty chilled after the shoot! The kind of cold that you don't feel like you'll warm up until you take a hot shower.  I settled for snuggling on the couch and listening to my babe of a husband play the piano/ sing.  Hope our kids pick up on that talent! Some videos for your listening pleasure...

Saturday night we went to some family friend's (The Loeffler's) and had a game night.  We laughed our heads off playing balderdash and a homemade version of jeopardy/ who wants to be a millionaire!  I even won a gift card to Tsunami plus three whole dollars!  That'll take care of my diet coke runs for the next few days.  

I'm impressed if I kept your attention for this long of a post.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter the NS Minerals Giveaway!  Today is the last day! Oh ya, and happy 15 months (yesterday) Braed!