Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Iwo Jima

^^ WWII memorial ^^

Since we had family in town last week we got SOOOO many things checked off the bucket list!!  I was so consumed and honestly just content with hanging with family though that I neglected to take very many pictures ugh.  My sister in law Whitney and her husband Evan got into town a few days before everyone else and we had so much fun adventuring around the city.  Whitney has lived in Virginia so she was our little tour guide and we did so many fun things and ate ourselves sick!  

The first day we went to Arlington and hit the Iwo Jima memorial and then walked over to the Arlington cemetery.  It was so moving to just see rows and rows of white headstones.  We walked up to the tomb of the unknown soldier and got there literally right in time to see the changing of the guards which was amazing.  Tally had fallen asleep in his stroller and it was just so quiet and made me feel so proud to be an American.  I also thought about how grateful I am for all of those men and women who serve our country.  

The next day we went to Annapolis-which deserves a separate post!  And the following day Braedon had orientation all day so Tally and I adventured out with Whit and Ev to do the national mall.  We hit EVERY monument and literally walked our faces off haha.  I think we did close to 7 miles??  We also stopped by the white house, had chopped for lunch (holy yum) and then we were able to meet up with Braedon at the Lincoln memorial before heading back to the car.  Again, I am a dummy and took like zero pictures, but now I feel like I can go back with Braedon and be the tour guide for him when it's less hot outside.  Tally LOVED all of the planes and helicopters that were flying around once we got into the city and would point and gasp and ooohhh at EVERY SINGLE ONE.  He seriously makes everything ten times more fun because of his reactions.  

Honestly one of the best parts of the trip though was coming back to our place to eat junk food and watch fail videos on youtube haha.  It was so fun to just be together and laugh with each other.  I'm already trying to figure out how I can convince them to come back!