Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Virginia is For Lovers

Well... you're looking at the newest residents of Alexandria, Virginia!  So far we love it here.  We are about a 20 minute drive from DC, and only 10 minutes from Old Town and the cutest view of the Potomac.  We were laughing because I was so excited to learn that Walmart, Mcdonald's (gotta have that DC), Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Costco are all within 10 minutes of our condo!  Gangs all here guys, gangs all here haha.  

Luckily my sweet mom flew with Tally and I to make the trip out here a million times easier.  Someone prayed for us because we had a whole row to ourselves.  Tally was pretty busy during the flight but would settle down to watch movies for a bit and finally fell asleep about 10 minutes before landing haha.  I'm so glad I had her extra hands to help with him, she is so good with Tally.  

While my mom was here we visited the Botanical Gardens, made trips to Costco, Walmart and TJ maxx, and spent time just being with each other.  My mom was an angel- she did my laundry, cleaned our kitchen, played with Tally, bought all of our groceries, and babysat so we could go on a date night just the two of us- it could be our last one for a while!  I only used a babysitter that was non-family once since Tally was born so we will see how long it takes me to leave him now that we are away from family-eek!  

I am also so grateful for my mom's homemaking skills.  She's taught me how to turn a house into a home and how to take care of a family.  I call her all the time with the silliest questions about recipes or how to clean something and she always has an answer!  She made us a batch of homemade jam and left us with homemade chocolate chip cookie dough so that we would, "have a treat ready to bake for family home evening".  

My boys on the way to the Botanical Gardens with the Capitol in the background.  

I can't get over how BIG this kid is looking! Makes me wanna cry!

Tally slept basically the whole time we were at the gardens- he literally woke up on our way out.  I was bummed because they have a cute area for kids to play and they can plant their own flower.  Luckily we have plenty of time to come back! 

Our first date in our new home we celebrated by driving to Old Town and eating dinner at Blackwall Hitch overlooking the Potomac.  I loved watching the sailboats and told Braedon that's what I wanna do for our anniversary one of these years haha.  Crossing my fingers and toes! 

What's better than watching your baby sleep??

Tally at Costco just having a BALL trying all of the samples.  That milk mustache is killer.  

Another classic picture of Tally.  We took my mom out to dinner the last night she was here and fed the ducks on the Potomac.  My mom asked us if we felt like we were at home or if we were just on vacation- she said Old Town felt a lot like Park City especially since we were just walking around enjoying the shops and stopping for ice cream.  I feel incredibly lucky that we get to experience such an amazing place!  

We are still getting things put away and adjusting to living in a new state but Braedon and I were surprised to already feel at home here so quickly.  No doubt it was due to my mom's help.  We definitely miss having her staying with us!  She added her touch and I even own my very first plant now, a gardenia....lets hope I can keep it alive!!