Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer 2016 So Far

I love that goober more than he'll ever know!  

What's better than a popsicle and sprinklers at Grammy's house??  

Tally gets the biggest smile every time we put sunglasses on him, it's so funny!  Obviously he doesn't keep them on for long though...

I love these boys with all my heart.  This was just before our Murdock going away party.  Tally fell asleep in the car ride on the way to the pool so Braedon and Tally got a little snuggle/ snooze on the lounge chair before everyone showed up.  There is not a lot of things better than napping with your baby.  

Wow, it's been quite the summer already and it barely started!!  All of our belongings are officially on their way to D.C. as we speak.  Tally has been loving staying at Grammy's with me until we fly out in a few days.  We both miss Braedon a lot and Tally often looks at me and says, "Daa--eeee??" For "daddy".  He has been loving all of the time with his Grammy and Grandpa though.  We've LOVED having a yard and are outside playing in the sprinklers, eating popsicles and swinging basically every day.  

It's a pretty surreal feeling moving across the country.  It doesn't quite feel real yet.  I am finally feeling ready to just be there- to start "nesting" and putting our place together, and just getting settled.  I'm nervous and excited for this adventure! 

I stopped working about a month ago and it has been SO amazing just being at home with Tally and really focusing on that role.  On the other hand I LOVED my job and sometimes the "break" was just good for me.  After lots of praying and trips to the temple Braedon and I both feel like I need to be home right now, and we're planning on me staying at home with Tally once we move as well.  Neither of us are really sure how everything will work, but we do know that we have been continually blessed as we've followed promptings and commandments from Heavenly Father.  I think it'll be challenging, but so very WORTH it!   We had a unique situation with Braedon's job here in Utah where he was able to stay at home with Tally while I worked.  I'm so glad they got that time together!!  It's hard to know how much free-time Braedon will have once the craziness of med school begins.  For now Tally and I are enjoying our last few days here in Utah, and soaking up time with family and friends!