Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunday Drive

It was a happy Sunday.  We went on a drive on the way to Grandma's and stopped at the Day Break Lake.  Braedon got out his guitar, and serenaded us while we played nearby.  Tally loved looking at the water, and as you can see, loved being thrown in the air by his Dad.  

This motherhood gig is pretty incredible.  There are hard days, but there are also heavenly days.  Sometimes I think being an adult is just the worst- paying bills, doing laundry, and dealing with the mundane can be such a downer!  But becoming parents has given us the ability to see more joy amidst our mundane responsibilities.  We get to experience the world through Talmage's eyes and the little things we've forgotten about have become magical again, like watching ducks swim!  

I've been trying to change my thoughts from grumpy to grateful.  For example, I get grumpy about doing the laundry, when I should be grateful that we have clothing to wash.  I get grumpy that I miss out on sleep, but I should just be grateful I have a baby to rock to sleep (even if it is at 4 am).  I'm far from perfect in this department, but I think people might like me better if I'm more grateful.  I mean, how unattractive is someone who just complains all the time?

Well how was that for a random jumbled up thought of a blog post?  

Thanks for reading!

xo, the murdock's