Sunday, July 26, 2015

Talmage Starts Solids

Talmage had his first taste of "solids" this week!!  I was planning on waiting until six months but after talking with a friend I decided to just go for it.  Talmage isn't sleeping through the night and (I think) has started teething so he's been fussier than usual.  I figured I'd give solids a try and see if a little more food would perk him up!  Honestly it's been kind of fun (and messy).  I've just been mixing it with pumped milk.  He seemed pretty confused as first and mostly just liked biting down on the spoon and squishing the cereal between his little toesies! haha.  However these past few days he's been doing really great with it and doesn't cry so I figure that means he likes it??  Hasn't exactly changed a whole lot in the sleep department though.  I swear, all this mom stuff is so new to me and really I'm just pretending like I know what's going on but really I'm texting my friends and calling my mom and googling just about every little thing. 

Also, this adorable little stink REFUSES to take a binkie.  He's starting to figure out his thumb...which is cute and all and calms him down... but I feel like I'm just trading one bad habit for the next?!!  I've tried different binkies, and even put a little milk on the paci/ some soothies we have from the hospital and the stubborn boy STILL hates it.  Any tips out there??  He will NOT fall asleep unless he's sucking something (yes, boob or thumb haha).

I'm getting excited to try some different foods.... any suggestions on what to try first??  BABY FOOD RECIPES TO COME! (SORRY THAT I'M YELLING, I'VE JUST BEEN EXCITED ABOUT THIS SINCE I GOT PREGNANT).