Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tally + 3 Months

So over the picture taking

He wants to talk so bad!!

love those excited little appendages!!

It's hard to believe my squishy newborn is three months old.  How did I live without him??  I was talking to a friend at work the other day and she said to me, "You said bye to Tally this morning right?  And when you get home and put him to bet, I bet he'll look about the same as he did this morning right?  And in the morning- he'll look about the same as he did the night before?  Before you know it, 18 years will go by. When do they change?  It's the mystery of the Universe".  Ummm talk about make me wanna cry!!  

This little love has my heart.  We moved him into his crib and his own room after our 2 month checkup.  Our pediatrician recommended we have him start sleeping in his crib sooner rather than later.  It was definitely harder on me than it was on him!  The little man is a pretty good sleeper.  I usually put him down around 7 or 8, feed him while he's in dreamland around 10-11 and then he'll wake up once during the night to eat before we start the day around 8am.  Luckily he goes back to sleep really easily now!  Some nights he'll sleep through but they are few and far between.  I honestly don't mind because I'm back to bed in 10 minutes and it's a great excuse for a nap the next day ;).  

Tally is getting to be SO much fun.  He's smiling, cooing, and interacting so much more.  He also fake coughs when he's trying to "talk".  There's seriously nothing more rewarding than making him smile!  He makes me feel like I'm the coolest person in the world.  

Tally is still a bit of a mamma's boy.  He sure does love his Dad, but at the end of a 12 hour shift at work he's just as ready to see mom as I am to see him!  Going back to work was hard but the snuggles when I get home are the best and it's nice to have a little "break" and talk to adults at work. 

Talmage hates getting out of the bath, and can be a real stinker if we keep him up too long!  When he's crying he hates to be "smothered", and calms down a little easier if mom is holding him. He can roll from his belly to his back, loves music and will "sing" (coo) when Dad plays the guitar, still loves baths and getting his diaper changed- the kid likes to be naked lol.  He gets a big smile when we kiss his feet and his belly, is starting to act more interested in toys, and loves his carseat.  He loves to snuggle and will nap much better if it's with mom- I'm afraid I've created a bad habit haha.  He also seems to love meeting new people and "shows off" by smiling at them.  Braedon and I are apparently becoming "old news".

Talmage has found his hands and is always trying to stick them in his mouth.  It's so funny to watch him because you can tell he gets so annoyed that he can't quite figure it out.  The other night it woke me up because I heard super loud sucking noises coming from his room!  I thought he must've somehow found his binky but nope!  He had totally broken out of his swaddle and was chewing on his hands.  We've actually stopped swaddling him now and he's so much happier and doesn't fight me when I put him down for naps.  He loves sleeping on his side and being able to stretch out!

Tally's hair is starting to come in and I think it's going to be blonde.  He's got quite the hairdo at the moment.  He has his baby hairs that are getting SUPER long, his new hair that's coming in pretty thick, and then a great patch of dark brown hair in the back (my little mullet man).  I'm also predicting that his eyes are going to stay blue like his Dad.  So far, he's pretty much a spitting image of Braedon!  I don't know his stats because we don't see the pediatrician till next month but I'm guessing he weighs around 12 or 13 lbs right now.  He's starting to get too big for his 0-3 month clothing and wears some 3-6 month.  He is in size two diapers and we learned quickly that the Kirkland brand is NOT the way to go haha!  We had our first blow out last week and it earned Tally a quick trip to the bath.  

We love this little guy and are so happy to have him around.  I honestly love being a mom and feel so fulfilled.  Happy three months Talmage!