Friday, September 5, 2014

Second Anniversary

Honestly, marriage just keeps getting sweeter as time goes on.  I'm a lucky wife.  Braedon spoiled me rotten for our anniversary.  

We started the morning out by going to breakfast, and then headed up Millcreek Canyon to do some exploring.  The weather was perfect!

We are cheese-balls.  

After our adventure up the canyon, we got all gussied up and went to Tuscany for dinner.  It was fun to reminisce on our reception and actually get a chance to EAT the food!  

Last minute we decided it'd be fun to do a little "stay-cation" and ended up booking a hotel room.  We stayed at the Hiatt right by Tuscany....we had to laugh because it's literally 5 minutes from our apartment.  We swam, watched one of those weird TLC specials (our favorite), and filled out our "predictions" book for next year.  We have a tradition every anniversary and each Christmas Eve to fill out predictions for the coming year.  Then we wait until the next year to look back on what we predicted and see if any of it comes true.  Surprisingly we were pretty accurate this year!  Braedon predicted short hair, and also that I'd crash my car.  EH HEM, I did NOT crash my car thank you very much!  (He predicts this every year by the way).  

I really love this guy.  We were both a little sad that this will be our LAST anniversary with just us two!  WHAT???  We decided our anniversary tradition is gonna have to stay the same- no gifts, just a nice dinner and a stay-cation.  Next year will definitely be different but I have a feeling it'll be a million times better!!