Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moving Means Decorating... Right??

This weekend we will be moving to an apartment in Holladay.  I am beyond excited!  Our stuff has been in storage since we left for Texas almost a whole year ago.  It'll be just like Christmas opening up all of our boxes! 

Moving to a new place has really kicked in the decorating fever for me.  Poor Braedon.  I've promised him not to get too carried away until we unpack all of our stuff and figure out what we actually have. We had some surprises when we packed it all up to move. (eh hem, wedding presents that hadn't even been opened) So, I'm sure there will be a couple surprises now that it's finally being all unpacked.  Hopefully no rodents hiding in the storage unit though!  I'm sort of scared.  

Speaking of this decorating fever I've created a few "inspiration boards" to help me reign my creative juices.  HA! I wish.  I'm no interior designer, that's for sure.  However, it's a task that's been keeping me busy, even if it's just wishful thinking!  

A few things I've been really eyeing are a new sofa chair, some great lamps for our nightstands, and a great mirror for our entryway/ something to put above our headboard (mirror, antlers, Abe Lincolns face).  Ok it's late, and I'm getting weird.... here are a few of my wishes (p.s. opinions welcomed)

Table Lamps

As of now I think my favorite is number 3, the geometric lookin lamp.  I'm kicking myself though because I didn't write down where I found it, and I think I spent a good 45 minutes trying to track it down again.  No such luck.  

Sofa Chairs

I'm also loving these chairs I found at TJ Maxx Home Goods the other day and I just might have to go back to get one...

^^ Pretty, but so NOT comfy ^^

Doesn't it just look like you can curl up and fall asleep in that chair ^^ (NOT).  Unfortunately you have to sit as stiff as aboard. 

You guys, I have a serious case of what my Father-in-law would call the "domino effect".  Once I decided I wanted a sofa chair, I figured I needed a new couch too.  Then I would also need to get a coffee table to round it out.  The table lamps for our nightstands would also need some prettier stands to stand on because if I have a pretty lamp I need a pretty nightstand too right??  Geeze-O.  Tone it down Stef, tone it down!  

For now, it's fun to look.  I'm perfectly happy searching for that perfect deal, and making/ repurposing things on my own.  There's something so satisfying about it!