Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Liebster Award

My cute friend Morgan Trujillo from TruLove nominated me for the Liebster award.  She's got the sweetest little family and you should all go head on over to swoon over all her amazing family pictures.  The Liebster award is basically to help us new bloggers get to know each other and make some new blogging friends!  

These are the rules.... (to be followed at your discretion) (ok i added that)
  • list 11 things about yourself
  • answer 11 questions the nominee created for you
  • choose 11 of your own favorite blogs to nominate
  • create 11 questions for them (or use the previous questions
  • let them know they've won
I've decided to just list 11 things about myself so you guys don't get too bored...

1. I'm really clumsy, it could almost be considered a talent.  I've dropped my phone in my cereal, lost my keys in a garbage can, spilled just about anything you could think of, had stitches in my tongue (I fell) get the point.  

2. I'm a pediatric nurse and it's definitely the most rewarding job I've ever had.  I recently started a thread called "I'm A Nurse", where you can read about some of my nursing stories.  I have days when I want to cry tears of joy and tears of sadness, as well as days when I feel like I need to shower 5 times when I get home from work- but I guess that's the nature of the job!

3. My husband and I truly are "living the dream".  Basically we're broke college students and learning how to embrace the Netflix date night and top-a-ramen dinner lifestyle.  I'm the sugar mamma right now and putting my cute hubs through pre-med, but my husband has this natural instinct for "start-ups".  He is currently running a window washing company and in the process of beginning a tutoring company.  (I know this is supposed to be about me but I'm really not that exciting without Braed)

^^ hubba hubba ^^

4. I have a dream to someday own horses and it's been my dream since the delicate age of 12.  My mom put me in horseback riding lessons and I offered to clean the stables after just to be able to spend more time with the horses.  You've never seen a happier girl cleaning poop out of the hoofs!  Every once in a while they'd let me give a horse a bath, or take them out to the plum trees for a treat and I was literally in heaven.

5. In the 4th grade I wrote a paper entitled "Into My Future".  I predicted that I'd marry a doctor, I'd be a neonatologist, we'd live in a "cottage house" and I'd drive an explorer.  I wanted to name my kids michael and elizabeth (???). Terrible names, no offense.  I also said I'd be a great grandmother and bake my grandchildren lots of cookies.

 6.  Confession: I never dreamed of "being a mom" like most mormon girls.  Being a mom is actually terrifying to me!  I always knew I wanted to go to school and have a career but also someday have a family.  Now that I do have a career I'm getting pretty baby hungry and can't wait for the day I get to be a "stay at home mom"!

7.  I didn't decide on nursing school until I was a sophomore in college and my family was actually really shocked.  Now that I'm a nurse I couldn't imagine doing anything else! Besides being a ballerina.  I still kind of have this irrational hope that I can be a professional ballerina.

8.  I chose drill over being a professional ballerina.  I made it into Ballet West in 8th grade but decided I wanted to be "popular" and do drill.  I honestly think my life would be totally different if I had done ballet.  Dancer girls know where I'm coming from!

9.  I met my life-long friends in college.  You can read a post about them here.

10.  Another confession: Braedon and I are just finally figuring out how to budget after over a year and a half of marriage. The first time we sat down to budget we were cracked up laughing because we realized we would have something like $14.67 left over for "whatever we wanted"!  It's the newlywed dream guys.

11.  This blog really doesn't fall into a category.  I started blogging about my love for baking and cooking, but also wanted to document life as a newlywed.  I don't think I'll ever claim one category for this blog....I'd like to just keep documenting our life and my hobbies as they develop!

 Now I nominate....

1. Lauren from Fashion Love and Lauren
2. Chloe from And So She Says
3. Megan from Chestnut Hill
4. Micah from Give a Little Love
5. Lex from A Little Bit Of Eternity