Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Headboard Insipiration

I've been wanting to get a headboard for our master bedroom, but with my taste I was looking at spending over $900...not gonna happen!  I had toyed with the idea of just buying a bed set- but with the very high likelihood we'll be moving out of state for med-school eventually I figured it wasn't worth it.  It would just be another set of furniture that was heavy, and annoying to lug around!  Plus, who knows what kind of space we'll have??  Bed-sets take up SO much (valuable) space!  

I've found quite a few DIY's on Pinterest but my favorite came from the blog withHeart. Once I actually do the headboard I'll post a link to her video tutorial.  I love video tutorials because they usually answer all of my detail oriented questions! Especially since I am new to the whole DIY thing.  I pretty much call my mom for everything still.   Until then, here is an inspiration board I created from Pinterest of headboards I love....

^^ sigh ^^