Monday, March 24, 2014

23 // The In-divisable Birthday

Quick explanation of the post title.  I was expressing my contempt to my mom about turning 23.  I just really don't like odd numbers.  My mom quickly raddled off some reasons why 23 was a good age (she is a number gal, and sometimes it freaks me out): number 1. 23 is a prime number, which means it can't be divided!  Number 2. 2 + 3 = 5, also a prime number.  So, I guess here's to year 23, the indivisible year!  

I got spoiled rotten this year.  My cute mother in law, Elise, took me to lunch and we did some serious shopping.  We shopped till we dropped and even got lost in industrial Utah looking for the Overstock warehouse.  

Saturday (my actual birthday), March 22nd, Braedon had a whole list of surprises for me.  We headed up to Park City and made our first stop at the Utah Olympic Park.  We got to do the ropes course as many times as we wanted!  It was scary, thrilling, and hilarious to say the least.  Once you start, there's no going back.  This may have caused a few tears on my part, I got stuck and figured I was gonna be stuck for the rest of my life.  Once I looked back and saw Braedon laughing hysterically at me, I realized my situation wasn't that threatening.  I survived.

Ok so obviously I don't know how to upload videos very well.  Any suggestions are welcome!  

After we conquered the ropes course, we were starving.  We headed to Park City Main street for some sushi, and dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  After playing around on main street for a bit we stayed at Braedon's grandparent's place in Midway. 

^^ If it wasn't so cold, we would've been be sitting here listening to Braedon play ^^

Park City is so fun because it's just far enough that you feel like you're out of town.  We forgot about all the tasks we needed to complete back home and relaxed for the night :)

Sunday night my parent's made an awesome dinner for me, and after dinner we celebrated my nephew Caden's birthday (which is today yay!) with cupcakes at my sisters house.  It was a perfect weekend and Braedon and I were dragging our feet this Monday.  I'd like to request more three day weekends please!