Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Engagement

Two years ago (tomorrow) Braedon and I were getting engaged.  I've been wanting an accurate documentation of this day and have put off journaling it for all this time so I figured I'd better finally have it written down somewhere!  

Early Saturday morning on February 11th, 2012 we went snowboarding for a half day and had a blast.  

As we were driving down the canyon I started feeling sick, but I figured it was just motion sickness combined with being tired.  Braedon dropped me off and I was ready for a nap!  When I woke up I was so sick- throwing up- you know, eh hem, the good stuff.  Braedon had told me we had an appointment to go look at rings (again) that night and I was thinking there was no way I was leaving the house!  I texted him to tell him I was sick and asked if we could just lay low and watch a movie.   He just kept telling me to take some medicine and keep resting because we HAD to make this appointment.  

My parents came up to my room and told me they were leaving and to have a fun night.  They don't usually give me their itinerary for the night but I figured they were just checking on me cause I was sick.  I remember getting ready and my sister Emily was asking me what Braedon and I were doing that night with such a goofy smile on her face- still, I didn't catch on.  

Braedon picked me up in his Dad's car and we started driving downtown.  His dad called him and said he had left his cell phone at work and asked if we could go pick it up on our way to our "appointment". Since we had his car and his access card was in it, plus we were going downtown, it just made sense.  Little did I know, this was all staged.  

We get to the Wells Fargo building and take the elevator to the 23rd floor.  I said something like, "Wow, your dad's office is really high up here".  Braedon just nodded.  We walked into this huge room that apparently used to be used for parties.  It had an amazing view of the valley, and there was a table set up with candles, roses, and dinner in the center of the room.  

Me: (in my head: we're getting engaged tonight!!!)

Braedon: I just wanted to do something nice for you for Valentines day, especially cause I haven't talked to your Dad yet about getting married and I know you're really excited to get engaged.  

Me: (in my head: dangit.  oh well, this is a pretty awesome Valentine's gift)

I really didn't have much of an appetite, still felt pretty sick, but Braedon turned on some music and we danced for a while and then ate dinner.  

Then he pulled out this poem called "23 reasons" that he had written for me.  We have it saved, but Braedon would probably kill me if I shared it. One line I remember went something like this, 

17: the number of times in a day you tell me, "I fell".  

So true.  

I reached for a fortune cookie and Braedon jumped right in.... WAIT!  I get to open mine first.  Um... ok?  He opened it and made up some weird fortune cookie (every single one had "Will You Marry Me?" written inside) while walking over to the music that was playing.  I guess he had the ring hidden behind the speakers.  So I opened mine and....

You know how the rest goes.  

Since Braedon knew it would be really dark in the room, he had engineered this LED light in the ring box so I could actually see the ring.  He kept telling me to put it on but I was hugging him and crying and just so excited! 

Little did I know our parents were actually downstairs in Kelly's office eating their own dinner, and they came up to celebrate with us after.  Explains why my parents were being so weird earlier.  We had red velvet cake, and Martinelli's! I loved having them around to celebrate right away.   

Madi was hiding in the room the whole time and filmed the event.  It's kind of hard to see since it was so dark but you can hear Braedon and it's super cute.  

I usually catch on to surprises and it's become kind of a game for Braedon to truly "surprise" me.  I blame it on being sick- probably a good thing so I didn't ruin it!  

Once everyone left Braedon and I were just snuggling, spreading the news, overlooking the city, and enjoying the sound of "fiancé".  Next thing we knew there were fireworks going off literally right below us, and popping right at eye level.

Me: You did this too???
Braedon: I wish! 

Apparently it was the 10th anniversary of the Olympics and the Gallivan Center, which is right next to the Wells Fargo building, had put on a firework show.  We like to pretend it was really just for us.  Safe to say it was the best fake Valentine's present I've ever gotten!  

The rest of our story to be continued....