Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Hacks- Shredded Chicken

I love getting cooking advice from my mom.  In my eyes, she is the queen of everything kitchen.  We were talking about her chicken noodle soup recipe when she told me about this genius idea for stocking up on shredded chicken.  With Braedon and I both in school and working there are nights during the week that if we don't plan a meal we end up eating ramen. We are usually so hungry by the time we get home that we don't have the patients to let our meat thaw and cook so we resort to a quicker meal. Hopefully with this new "life hack" we'll keep the ramen eating to a minimum!  

I'm pretty excited about it.  

So, there are two ways to do this shredded chicken timesaver hack. First I'll show you how I did it, and then I'll tell you about the easier (but more expensive) way.  

First you'll need to boil your chicken.  My chicken kind of broke apart in the pot, but I started with three large breasts.  Mine were done after about 12 minutes.  

Side note: I also added a little bit of garlic salt and chicken seasoning to the water for flavor

Remove the chicken from the pot, and place in a large mixing bowl.  Leave the boiled water- we'll use it later.  

Another great life hack, you can use your mixer to shred your chicken. No more cramped hands! Yay!    This changed my life.  

And voila!  Shredded chicken.  Now you can transfer the chicken into some tupperware, and slowly scoop the chicken stock (your boiled water is now chicken stock) into the tupperware.  I'm telling you guys, this was a break through for me.  

The point of the chicken stock is so that your chicken doesn't dry up in the freezer.  Now you have shredded chicken- already cooked- on hand for those busy nights!  Add it to a soup, a salad, tacos, whatever.  All you have to do now is defrost and reheat!  

The second way to do this is a little easier, and a little more expensive.  My mom told me when they first got married she did it this way because it was cheaper, but now she does it the easy way.  

The "easy" way:

1. Buy rotisserie chicken
2. Buy chicken stock
3. Pull apart rotisserie chicken (shredding it)
4. Add to tupperware and pour in chicken stock

I ended up just boiling the chicken while I was making our real dinner for the night and it actually didn't seem inconvenient at all to me.  I'll let you know which way I like better!