Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving In Cancun

I have to say, Braedon and I were pretty spoiled for Thanksgiving this year.  We got to spend the holiday on the sunny beach with our family by our side!  We stayed at an all inclusive resort which meant our days consisted of lots of limonadas, diet coke, tacos, (more tacos), and beach bummin.  Get ready for a picture overload, I'll probably be posting more pictures from this amazing trip for the next few days!  We are so grateful we got to be a part of the fun, but even more grateful for the memories made with the fam.  This is what our past week has looked like...

Tuesday: Braedon and I took the red-eye and I was giddy in anticipation all day.

Wednesday: Some much needed resting at the beach. ahhhh.  We met up with the family each night for dinner and played some doubles tennis after.  I got my butt whooped....the Murdock/ Parrish family are all pro tennis players.  Really wish I would have listened to my mom when she tried to get me to take lessons way back when!  

Thursday: The boys golfed, and the girls laid out... typical.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner as a family and enjoyed some tennis afterwards.  It's a good thing my in-laws are patient....I had so much fun learning how to play and I'd like to think my beginner status at least kept the games entertaining!?

Friday: You guessed it, another day at the beach.  We found this amazing little cafe that made crepes and filled them with whatever you wanted...I was in heaven.  Before dinner Braedon and I decided to play a few games of pool.  I'm proud to say he was impressed with my skills....I think he was expecting them to be more like my tennis abilities!  More on that later...

Saturday: Our last day :(.  We definitely made it count.  We swam with dolphins, read at the pool (ok Braedon studied, I laid out), got massages, and ate tacos until we were sick.  

Sunday: Why is it that coming home from a vacation to real life feels like torture?  Luckily my mom invited us over for Thanksgiving leftovers- can I just say she is the best cook? Mmm. Mmm.  Braedon's been studying all day for his tests this upcoming week, and I've been doing a little schoolwork/laundry.  Ok, and looking at all of our pictures and wishing we were back on the beach.  

Gabbi LOVED the pool and would not stop splashing her chubby hands while we swam.  The pool was freezing but it didn't seem to phase her one bit!  Love that little bug and her contagious giggle.  

Always studying....notice the tattoo?  Hand drawn by yours truly.  

I love my gorgeous sisters

Alright, this is how the pool games went.
Game 1: Braedon
Game 2: Stef
Game 3: Braedon
Game 4: we both cheated...

Braedon's winnings: Gets to take me out to a steak house and we'll eat ribs with our bare hands
My winnings: A Park City overnighter

  Braedon and I don't drink and every time we asked, "no alcohol please", we'd get some funny looks. That night at dinner we were a little slap happy and I think I had one too many diet cokes.  One of the hazards of an all inclusive resort.  I was laughing over something and spilled my food- to which the waiter remarked, "no more tequila for you!"  It just made me laugh harder!   

After we swam with dolphins we were walking back and got caught in a downpour.  We were already soaked from swimming and had forgotten towels.  I couldn't help it, I had to belt it loud and proud...
If you like pina coladas...
And getting caught in the rain...
If you're not into yoga...
If you have half a brain...
And yes I kept going....I think Braedon was either really proud or really embarrassed. 

Ok I'm not sure why I thought this was so funny.  You know how on cruises the maid will leave you with your towels folded into a monkey or some other (sometimes unrecognizable) animal? Well we came back one night and she had also decided to get creative with my blanket.  So cute.  

The Christmas tree was up in the lobby the day after Thanksgiving!  I guess I'd better follow suit and get going on mine.  Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I'm especially grateful for my supportive, loving, hardworking, and hilarious husband.